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  1. She's done them baked and fried and I chose baked because of reasons. She calls her gyoza because of the dough. Mine were larger and thus more fitting to the name potstickers. It's probably a recipe she made up or altered. Just like not everyone in the cooks fried chicken the same there's alternatives for everything lol gyoza are typically smaller than potstickers and the filling finer.
  2. Eh my friend in Japan is the one who gave me the recipe. *shrugs*
  3. Japanese inspired. Mostly because we used the rest of our cabbage for a stew this weekend and I didn't want to do a traditional Potsticker. But this was a hit so I'll probably do it again sometime. The kids ate it so it's good LOL
  4. My food isn't pretty like your guys but here's dinner tonight. Baked homemade potstickers filled with cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, and corn on white rice with soy sauce. Kids loved it. Originally I was going to make stir fry to go with them but we ended up at the pool till 6 pm and those plans fell through
  5. I'm from Indiana and I'm a homeschooling mom of two. I'm working on getting my kids eating healthier and gravitate very much towards Japanese cuisine (lucky my kids loved what they've tried so far) You guys here on EG have the best Japanese Cooking and Baking forum so I signed up! So I'm excited to be here
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