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  1. I guess there aren`t that many of us Riversiders out there. I had a great experience learning to cook there. Great teachers who take you along at good pace. They had good experince. It was a great learning evironment. They have top of the line equipment, they just renovated to add a classroom and tons of fridge space for a butcher course. They also offer a contemporary cooking course for people with professional cooking diplomas. But if you are living in Montreal and àre not quite fluent in french...yes you will learn french cooking terms at Riverside but you will feel more at ease and confident in your first kitchen experience if you don`t have to say ppppardon all day long and pretend you know what`s going on. For you I would suggest I.T.H.Q. I wish I knew when I was a 17 year old punk inlisting at riverside I loved to cook,that`s what I would have done. Anyway take the time to visit and get info on all your options. good luck.......Tony....
  2. Check out Isakaya on Parc near Prince- Author.Best Buys for lunch are the bento box and daily specials9 to 16 bucks and It`s always tasty(the hot pot too). The Night menu is also very descently piced. Ilove the barbecued eel in puff pastry and the octopus pancake. The Chef is always roaming around the diningwith a big smile eager to answer questions . never a disappointment!!!!!!
  3. Hi joey ! Ya I`m Still here and everything is goig very well. I`m very axious for the new restaurant to open .The new menu is in the works as we speak, along with alot of other details......Janick is working very hard and I hope to see you there joey I mist you the last time at Les Chevre. I`ll get back to you guys with more juice about the new place as soon I can. Anthony.
  4. Had an absolutely wonderful meal at les chevre last week one of my favorite new restaurants . Me and my girlfriend ate like kings. Every dish was memorable, in particular the soup the foie gras (wow) and the chocolate mousse with truffled milk. It felt really good to be able to sit through a meal and be content without eating any fish or meat(except for the foie gras but that is an option, I could not resist...) The dishes were well explained through every course and highlighted by the Chefs talent to bring out the natural flavour and essence of every dish. Good luck in the future and I wiil be back very soon. Thanks for a great night.. Anthony
  5. I read in a magazine that a restaurant in New York which is completely non smoking, have introduced tobaco into their lunch menu.( Braised beef whith a red wine and tobaco sauce, tobaco infused creme brulee and there were a couple more but I had pretty munch lost my appetite by then. The crazy thing is people are ordering it and the place was doing further experiments to colaborate tabaco and cooking. What do you guys thinkof that!
  6. It's not critism, it's encouragement for projects like Hotel Godin and other great new openings to come. I don't doubt it takes guts And alot of planing to make it happen. Best of luck!
  7. A knife , a fork, a bottle and a cork that's the you spell Montreal. Hey Jim ... if we were to get spoon it would be cool but it would have to have a new fresh Montreal twist to it. And anyway there is toons of talent in MTL we should be able to come up with our own Ideas and money!
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