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  1. Yeah, Holly, Katie hit a home run. Great to see everyone & happy to boost my pal Linda's heat scale a couple of points. You Heartlanders can come to Philly early & often!
  2. Sorry, gang, I can't make tonight's dinner. Hoping to make the next 2. CAM
  3. Glad y'all could get together. Looking forward to our dinner @ Zahav tonight. Hopefully the rain will serve as a well needed coolant & leave the area. Enjoy our wonderful city!
  4. Not sure what's happening tonight, but the National Constitution Center has a really cheap ($5) admission & a similar add-on for the Springsteen exhibit after 5. I was there last week e& it's mighty fine. I'd not seen an Oscar b4. If you're a fan, the handwritten lyrics will blow your socks.
  5. Welcome to the gang, chefmd. We'll have some phoodie fun (that ph thing gets old) this weekend. Katie, I'm a +1 for Sunday.
  6. I'm not much of a cook & I've a conflict Saturday morning. Since cdh & his homebrew can't make the "potluck," I'll bring some of the local favorites.
  7. Count me in for Zahav, Handy Nasty & Saturday night. I hope to have some plusses by Wednesday.
  8. I'm happy the thread has moved here; since I seldom venture beyond the PA forums, I discovered it only last week. The not-so-fighting Phillies are home against St. Louis that weekend. Although technically sold out, ample seats and standing room should be available due to my compound adjective in the previous sentence. Our events should be much more fullfilling, anyway. I expect to participate extensively; I'll post details once I coordinate with several potential co-conspirators.
  9. I was in Pittsburgh recently & we hit the Primanti's near Oakmont. The best part of the visit was that they refilled our sodas. An overcooked, niggardly portion of hyped, fancy steak beneath a passel of flaccid fries could never create a legend. To our server's credit, the slaw is vinegary, not creamy.
  10. Shola - Life's a bitch & it will kick you in the ass whenever it can. Add Phila - gonna kick you again, and again, and again. Regardless, lookin' forward to your opening (whenever) and best wishes for your turn for kickin' some ass! Mummer Charlie
  11. Not that I'm trying to cut, but who's quote is that one, Jeff? I've had enough Shola meals to know that, unless he steps on his whatever, he will serve magnifgcent food. I know that he has it for 8 or 10 or 12. Lesse if he has it for every day, every group, every request. 85% is my passing grade. The stoneys wandering from the hip neighborhood don't count.
  12. Be careful. You're talking 2 places. Call Shola to confirm. To my resto friends - always call to confirm!!!
  13. Hope it will become a favorite. Le Cochon Noir is scheduled to open this weekend at 5070 Parkside near the Mann. Jazz & blues on the weekends - seems to go with the cuisine. lecochonnoir.com
  14. I've driven by a shuttered Dante's at dinnertime on Tuesdays and Wednesdays recently. It doesn't look inviting...
  15. During my expense account days, I had the opportunity to eat well here and in a few other cities. At some French place in Atlanta, the white gloved waiter tapped the silver domes together as the entrees were served. Perhaps that was intended as fine service, but I thought he was drawing attention to himself. And that seems to be the point of this discussion.
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