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  1. Actually Jacques was kind enough to have some all-purpose on hand for the baking session, and we made many batches with varying amounts/ratios of the different flours, etc. to see the effect. We both felt the combo of flours had a better structure and didn't spread as much as ap flour. He feels the combo bumps up the protein/gluten content a bit above ap flour. Of course, this all depends on which ap flour you use, etc.
  2. Lora, I'm glad you like the recipe, and you bring up a very good point, which I only briefly mentioned in the article: The longer the dough rests, the darker the cookie. Thanks for making it very clear for eG's bakers. David
  3. Abooja, So glad you like them. I can't tell you how many cookies I had to eat for the article. It's obscene. But these are my new favorite, too. I've never tried Medrich's, but Shirley Corriher, when I interviewed her, said I must. David
  4. Josho, When I tested and researched the cookie for the article, I found making the dough into balls lessened spreading; they should be balls, not mounds. Each time I made them, I was able to get six cookies on a half-sheet pan without them touching after baking. Also the 40/60 ratio is for Ruby and Violette, not these cookies. And, I agree, the balls are larger than "generous" golf balls, but the we all wanted to stop short of saying "baseballs"... David Leite
  5. If I have anything to say about it! But I have to carefully balance the fried stuff. A few apps, a few sides, a few desserts... How to choose?!
  6. This test is absolute bollix. When I was tested by Linda Bartoshuk, the woman who furthered this field of study and who coined the term "supetaster," she didn't ask me any of these questions. I had to undergo about an hour's worth of testing, having my tongue and palate swabbed with different solutions. Then my tongue was dyed a deep blue. Only under a microscope was she able to truly ascertain that I was a supertaster. Of the descriptions of a supertaster on this Web test: 1. Perceive all tastes as more intense than other taster types, particularly bitter tastes True. I find a lot of food bitter and almost inedible. But I also find sweet things really sweet. I adore fatty foods. (Foie gras with french fries, anyone? Most supertaster don't like fatty foods, but a subset of male supertasters have a penchant for it. That's moi.) 2. Tend to be fussy about their food and have strong food likes and dislikes Somewhat true. But that has lessened as I've made a conscious effort to be as democratic with my meals as possible. 3. Usually don't like coffee, grapefruit, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and spinach Can't stand bitter coffee, don't love grapefruit, cabbage I'm fine with, Brussels sprouts work for me if sautéed (lessens the bitterness) and tossed with balsamic vinegar. Love spinach. It tastes creamy to me. 4. Have lots of papillae, the tiny bumps on the tongue that contain taste buds According to Bartoshuk, I do. I was one of her highest testing supertaster males. BTW, you can't really see these with the naked eye. But, don't be fooled by the name "supertaster." It's not a superiority thing. It actually puts you at a disadvantage because there is a high correlation between certain types of cancer (colon especially) and suprtasterdom. Because we find food (mostly veggies) bitter, we don't eat them. And some supertasting men like me have a high risk of illness associated with being overweight due to all those fatty foods.) If any of you are interested, Bartoshuk does research at Yale; she's always looking for subjects. She wanted to stick a big needle in my ear for the next level of testing. I kinda drew the line there
  7. Obrigado. I'm writing a Portuguese cookbook, and, yes, it will have plenty of Portuguese pastries.
  8. Carrot Top, You gotta let me quote you. This is a great line. I have to add it to my book. David
  9. I thought going to my family's celebrations, where several huge tables are filled with desserts, was impressive. This is utterly, stupendously amazing. Thanks, Filipe. Is this an annual event?
  10. And kudos to you, Ronnie, for helping me get in touch with Zier. It's much appreciated. David
  11. Mike, you're the greatest, thanks. The note has been added to the recipe. I mentioned your help at the bottom of the page. David
  12. NYC Mike, can you tell me a bit more about what the book said regarding the cinnamon? It's possible that information dropped off the recipe when we posted it originally, and I no longer have the book. I always like to make sure any notes--even if in another part of the book--are present in the recipes we post. (Sorry, Pontormo, if it caused a problem when baking.) David Leite
  13. Thanks, Pontormo. And, yes, Dara is great writer. Everyone should take a look at her work; it's an object lesson in how to write well. D
  14. Russell, I agree with you about David Shaw; it was great to see his name as a winner. And, Susan, thanks for the kind words. I'm in great company in the Internet category: Jon Bonne. David
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