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  1. gsevelle

    Appetizer shells

    Thanks for the links. I'd seen the one with the small cup on e-bay but having to do one at a time seems a bit time consuming. Anyway lots to good suggestions above so will try a few over the next few weeks.
  2. gsevelle

    Appetizer shells

    Yes, I have a Rosette iron, but have not used it for years, but know the batter, however in this case looking to produce small finger food. Did a search for the Croustade irons but to $$$ for the home cook. If I was in the business I'd of jumped on them as I could call it a business expense, but as a hobby the IRS fronds on that.
  3. gsevelle

    Appetizer shells

    Had not heard the term croustade before so just did an internet search. Did not turn up a maker but did turn up a recipe that use toasted white bread, cheep and easy, will have to give it a try.
  4. gsevelle

    Appetizer shells

    My latest is to use the shells for filling and not cooking. I used mini won ton cups for both crab dip as a savory offering and a cream cheese fruit cup dusted with powdered sugar for a dessert. I also used polenta squares, deep fried for texture, for a warm topping. I'm thinking about trying shredded potatoes in the mini muffin pan crisped up. Need to see if that will works out. thanks for the tips
  5. Looking for suggestions and recipes for appetizer shells. I've used won ton skins toasted in a mini muffin pan (bland in taste but easy to make in volume) and puff pastry cups (cost to buy pre-made is high per unit or to time consuming to make). What have you done for serving 50 to 100 as a vessel for filling?
  6. I recently went shopping for Orzo and found a product by Divella labled Pignolina 71 that looks a lot like Orzo. Is it the same as orzo? I bought it and plan to use it for an orzo recipe that I am making tonight.
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