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  1. Another catastrophe tonight... I just don't get it...
  2. Well in my recepie there's a few spices that play with the color, and the pic was taken with a cell phone so that does not help either.
  3. So for the pic of the crumb. Yes it is dense, mind you it is the way I want it to be. However, one of my regular weekly buyers asked me if it's possible to have it less dense and a thicker crust, but keep the same taste.... I dunno....
  4. I'll post a pic as soon as it's cut... The pair was sold to my friend. He will take a pic and send it to me later. As for hydration %. Very high, it's humid here so I'm very thirsty....
  5. I'm not going to lie.... I have not takin anyone's advice yet... I still don't measure. I do not know what the exact quantities are for every time I make my particular "baguette style" bread. Some times I nail it dead on, some times it's a total flop!!!! I have not been avoiding any of the challenges given to me... I actually spent the last 2 weeks reading the materials sent to me by some of the forum members. I'm maybe 40% through the 1st one and is probably the most reading I've done in over 20 years.... I hate reading..!!! What's wrong with me? And look at this ugly just about to go in the oven mess..!!!! And the result..... [emoji17][emoji17][emoji17][emoji17] No one to blame but myself. I should rename myself...... ShameofBaguette
  6. I'm sad, I've come to realize that besides my little "secret recipe" I know nothing about bread making. Right down to the basics, if someone asks me how much flour, yeast, salt and water I need to make 2 baguettes, 4 baguettes, 6 baguettes or any other type of bread.... The answer is, I don't know. However I'm flabbergasted to have learned in reading one of the books forwarded to me, that after world war 2, saw dust was used to compensate the lack of flour... I guess it's nothing I should do today [emoji38]
  7. I believe, all the suggestions I've received will keep me well occupied for a while. I plan on doing everything suggested. You guys are great!!! Right now.. [emoji53] back to bed. Woke up with the flu [emoji40]
  8. Was delicious. 1st rise (3 hours) https://vimeo.com/128695491 https://vimeo.com/128695527
  9. Anna, I accept the challenge of making a traditional baguette the original way. 1st, I gotta make an olive miche for tonight's supper at a friends house, then I'll go ahead with your request 1st, then others as followed.
  10. Ok, so my wife came home today and dropped me a 5Kilo APF and a jar of yeast. LoL, she's fedup of running to the store for me every 3 days. Man I love her.... So some of you know my bread "baguettes" are not done the traditional way. I keep callin them my secret recipe, because of my added herbs, but I also put sugar in my water and I also add oil in the mix too. Nothing I do is traditional to the baguette. The weirdest thing I probably do is I let my instant yeast soak in my warm sugared water for five minutes prior to starting everything. Regardless, people are loving it and I'm still selling them daily. That being said.... I've done some reading, and I hate reading... I'm all over the place, jumping from one thing to another. a member here has even forwarded me some real good literature. "Bread Baking - An Artisans Perspective" but I'm like only 5 pages in. What I'm getting at here... I do wanna take my bread making very serious. I do want to understand the science behind it all. I am waiting from the local culinary bread making school to get back to me with the next semester schedule, hopefully it would balance well with my career. Something tells me it won't thou unfortunately. I am very passionate about bread making and I enjoy it very much, to the point where I am considering to own a bake shop one day. Saying all that... I'm in the now, and I am a very hands on kind of guy. Having all this flour and yeast, my hands are bored and I need a challenge. So I'm asking, can anyone tell me what to do? Give me a challenge? I'll bake any bread wether it's basic to complicated to a must master first kind.
  11. Sorry if I'm getting annoying with the same picture every night, but I am addicted.... Fresh out of the oven.
  12. Here we go again... And there looking good!!!
  13. I guess your right... Especially that it's all from my head and every time I do it it's basically... Some of this, some of that...
  14. Yup, this is exactly how it is for me at the moment. Yes I am charging for it, but people are literally throwing their money at me lol. I do love it, I do enjoy it, and yes it's my twisted recipe which probably no one approves, but it works and people are LOVING it... I've always loved the kitchen. Just wish I had more of an inspiring kitchen, lol. I appreciate everything that everyone has given me regarding advice, I hope no one thinks I'm brushing it all off. I'm just trying to understand it all and make it work for the way I've created this bread baguette I'm not going to get into huge details here, but I'll share a little dream that is inside of me..... VERY LONG STORY SHORT....... 35 years old... Live in N.A. and I have been saving and planing to leave this country for the last 8 years so that one day in the next 10 years I could start a new life. I plan on living somewhere in Latin America... My vision, I simply wanna run my own little bake shop... Bread only, nothing else... No pastry no cakes nothing, but bread. That's how much I love it, and I'll get there. As I am typing this all now on my phone I'm on my laptop looking at some culinary schools. Like I've said before I'm humble and I listen, but tonight, and tomorrow, I just wanna continue making my "special bread" without anymore mistakes. I don't wanna cross my fingers each time hoping I got it right lol. Ok, so far only 2 failed nights, but what bothers me is I don't know why I failed.
  15. In contrary, I am very humble for the advice that has been given. I took note on the prior response regarding different temps and humidity levels in my house can make a huge impact on the flour measurements. I just have not had the chance to respond that I've acknowledged that great piece of advice. So yes, I do plan on getting a scale to at least weigh out my flour... As far as commercial ambitions goes.... Maybe one day, maybe.... For now I'll stick to my 2 baguettes a night Recipie, just really disappointed that last night I had 4 to make and I simply doubled all my quantities and it did not work out. Again, as I did mention earlier, I think........ I think..... After putting some thought into it, I might have been short 2 cups of flour. Supposed to be 8 instead of 4, and I remember only counting to 6...... I think... Added comment... Is getting a mixer worth it? Or stick to hand mixing?
  16. That's a great response. Thank you. I figured even thou it's been two weeks, I realize with more time I should simply know by the touch if I'm short or not. As for the entrepreneurial part of it lol........ You see.... I had no intentions for selling them, I work full time managing fedex in my district. I brought a baguette to work the day after I made it shared it... Since then, I have not stopped. It took 1 person to say how much you want for one... At that point..... I was happy. I've sold about 30 to date.... It's been 3 weeks tomorrow I believe. I've cancelled maybe an easy 20 orders cause I simply can not keep up with the demand.
  17. Interesting, thanks, but it was super super sticky, u think it's simply just because I didn't mix it enough, or I still think I might have been short by 2 cups of flour. Stretch and fold... I do do this, usually after its initial raise, and last night.... Regardless how much flour I kept adding to my bench and hands it was ridiculously sticking to the point I had to use a scraper to peel everything off to put it in the garbage. I think I was short on flour.
  18. Nope, never done any testing, never followed anything really. Just had the urge to make bread two weeks ago, I was bored, went to the kitchen and made a bread baguette style. Have not stopped since then. When do you do this test? After mixing everything? Prior to letting it sit and rise for the first time? It's so so so sticky after the mixing, I can't imagine holding it in my hands.
  19. Ok.... Fail again tonight.... I have 2 questions. 1. I went from AP flour to Robin Hood flour... Didn't like Robin Hood flour and now I switched to AP flour non bleached... Is there anything I need to know about switching from one flour to another??? Mind you, the end result has been the same regardless which flour I've used, cause I've continued to sell bread every single day for the last 2 weeks. 2. TONIGHTS EPIC FAIL.... Exact same recipe except tonight I had double the orders to make.... So for the 1st time ever, I simply doubled up on every single ingredients I use. 1 1/2 cups water to 3 cups water... 1 1/12 tsp yeast to 3tsp yeast 4 cups flour to 8 cups flour.... Blah blah blah....... So I mixed everything... Please keep in mind I do EVERYTHING by hand, I do not own a mixer, and then threw a towel over it and let it sit for 2 hours as I usually do.... 2 hours later it's doubled in size... Except, it's literally like SUPERGLUE!!! All the other times yes it's sticky tacky but with floured hands and bench flour I am able to manipulate it with ease... Not tonight, to the point I had to scrape it off the counter and roll it right in to the ............................ GARBAGE!!! - did I not mix it enough by hand? - should it have sat longer? - or maybe [emoji16][emoji16] I only put 6 cups of flour as I sit here typing and trying to remember how much flour I actually did use..... Shit!!! I don't know.
  20. They cool down over night, and I deliver in the morning. I don't weigh or take temps of anything... [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]. I just do it and it comes out the same every time. I really have no clue about this over proof under proof stuff.
  21. I'm addicted to making these bread baguettes.... I'm selling them everyday... I have not gone to bed before midnight for the last two weeks..... Well, here they are out of the oven... Didn't seal one perfectly.
  22. Oh, lol... Nope just did the exact same recipe as I been doing for my baguette, with added olives. My hands are getting tired thou. I need a mixer.
  23. You know it!!! This miche <--- is that the right name? was devoured in minutes!!!
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