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  1. Margaret Pilgrim

    Your Pantry

    We have a small walk-in pantry that is now in its most svelte form as it has been taken over by pantry moths and we have tossed anything not in glass. (They eat through plastic as an hors d'oeuvre.)
  2. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Down and dirty tonight! Prawns and fries with no apologies!
  3. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    From the WSJ, Laotian inspired pork patties
  4. Have you called Le Creuset customer service? I believe your ware is now considered "heritage", but they may have replacement stock and procedure. Also, are there used kitchenware shops in your area? We have a fabulous one (Cookin') that has piles of le Creuset, tops and bottoms, but she doesn't ship. Check out your yellow pages.
  5. I confess that I flunked "seasoning 1". I have meticulously followed manufacturers' instructions only to wind up with an unseasoned pan. BUT most all of my cast iron pans and one Dutch oven, my calphlon dedicated to deep frying and several woks have become perfectly seasoned. Because, I believe, they are used consistently with oils and never scoured clean. The Dutch oven is one I use for bread and which I spray with cooking spray each use and only rinse out with water. In my mental "notebook", it is the repeated use of oil that is allowed to gradually adhere that creates the desired
  6. Our son, using a dedicated non-stick pan, flips fried eggs. I just watch, astounded. I turn them with a spatula. He told me that the only way he can turn them is by flipping, that when he tries to use a spatula he either breaks them or loses them onto the stoptop. Different strokes.
  7. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    File under Pandemic Boredom Escapes: Mary Berry's beef and ale stew with horseradish suet dumplings.
  8. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Yard chard alongside chicken thigh marsala Chocolate guinness cake i gave away half this cake to a friend who dropped off some homemade pasta. Husband is not amused.
  9. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    WOWZER! Inspired and delicious.
  10. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Raw tomato sauce on hot spaghetti. This is a recipe I "stole" 20 years ago from Flea Street Cafe in Menlo Park. Tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil, mint, balsamic, sherry wine vinegar, soy sauce, red pepper flakes. A hot weather standard in tomato season.
  11. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    It's worth searching out. We can buy it still warm on Clement St., and the flavor difference is noticeable.
  12. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Do we show half eaten plates? Husband got a jump on me. Plan was prawns with cocktail sauce, grilled scallions, asparagus spears, splat of repurposed fried potato...
  13. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Outstanding job on the flank steak!
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