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  1. palo

    Fish and other seafood

    36 hours in fridge should certainly have dried it up + salt = desiccated? 😛 It was just a thought p
  2. palo

    Fish and other seafood

    @weinoo - residual moisture from thawing? p
  3. Having both an Air Fryer and a BSOA - the BSOA runs a distant second - the Air Fryer's design concentrates the heat and convection at the food whereas the BSOA spreads it around the much larger oven cavity - if you can only have one the BSOA is the winner due to its much wider and varied applications, but don't expect air frying to be one of its strengths - the same goes for its dehydrating capabilities as compared to a dedicated dehydrator p
  4. My Air Fryer: Chefman 6.5 litre https://www.amazon.com/Chefman-Digital-Liter-Quart-Fryer/dp/B07BJ21VS9/ref=sr_1_10?crid=1SYLOT14CH91T&dchild=1&keywords=chefman+air+fryer&qid=1628882685&sprefix=chefman%2Caps%2C509&sr=8-10 Large size and most importantly the basket does not detach from the handle - hard to explain but the basket that you pull out and the basket you put the food in are all one piece my first air fryer had a separate food basket that you released by way of a button, second use the basket holder released expectantly and the food basket ended up on the floor with the food - that was a tout suite Amazon return - one of the attributes of this device is the "flat basket" which gives you more capacity "so they say" p
  5. Or a dedicated Air Fryer p
  6. No qualms about frozen burgers - it's my "go to" - just the doneness it was cooked at p
  7. Maybe it's just me but a frozen burger cooked to medium rare seems unhealthy - it's just a thing about frozen, premade burgers (with all their "ingredients") as opposed to homemade burgers (even frozen) p
  8. Newest offer from "Wild Alaskan Company": Our wild-caught Snow Crab comes pre-cooked and pre-scored for your ease and convenience. Join today and receive a FREE 24-oz. pack of Snow Crab in your first delivery. In addition to our delicious snow crab legs, we offer a range of sustainably sourced seafood, from wild-caught salmon to scallops and whitefish. Promo code: FREECRAB Honestly I don't work for the company😜 p
  9. Bottle opener. (notice I didn't put a question mark after my response, because it's a statement!) p
  10. palo

    Food recalls

    Hey, you guys see my other glove? p
  11. My torte is your tort 😀 p
  12. I always said an air fryer had its place, and a good place it is - nice fixin's Anna p
  13. Usually (always?) there's a plate with electrical specifications and the model would be listed - on the bottom or inside? p
  14. That's the same replacement pan I got - hasn't warped yet (fingers crossed) p
  15. Anna Nielsen aka "Anna N" aka "AFQ" p
  16. Broil in an air fryer is just being closer to the element, just like in a regular oven but instead of 500F you are limited to 400F (I think they use 500 so the element doesn't cycle on and off) p
  17. Never cooked or even tasted Duck breast but doing a little online research (as you have done) I came up with this suggestion. An air fryer is just the same as a halogen oven but more compact, more modern and a hell of a lot easier to clean, so this page's method might work for you. http://cookingwithhalogen.blogspot.com/ The big takeaway is to get your duck skin a lot closer to the heating element (broiling) to start and after flipping it to skin side lower it to the regular height and possibly a lower temp You could use that pan I saw you had earlier or something else oven proof to start your cook at a greater height. My apologies is this is just a total pile of pooh, but just thinking of what might work. p
  18. I'd not recommend it and Anova, I believe, suggests 4 inches of clearance - but hey, it's your cabinet. Then again if you used it only in sous vide mode maybe it's possible lol p
  19. I think you've got it and explained much more simply than I did ☺️ p
  20. I think what is meant is that if she was to put it on the countertop it would be below her upper cabinents which are 15 inches above the countertop - which only gives about 1 inch or so of clearance - I know the steam exit is at the front but I'm not sure about the heat radiated from the top/rear. Mine is on the countertop but I have about 4-5 inches clearance to the cupboards above
  21. Re the Yellowtail label : First line - Bones Removed Last line - Warning: May Contain Bones (well we tried) p
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