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  1. I imagine the little mitts or something similar would be useful for removing it from the steaming pot.  Instant Pot should include something just like this, but with a little handle like a pail.


    I expect it will be very useful.  Easy to just store it in the pot, too.


    Edited for clarity

    My thought was to string some picture hang wire or something similar (stainless steel braid?) to enable you to get a pair of tongs under it and lift it until you can grasp it with a mitt. The wire would have to be long enough so it could move out of the way and not impede access. A DIY pail handle.



  2. My apologies - I searched for "RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel 3 Quart Wide Rim Mesh Basket" as per US description


    Amazon.ca has it as "RSVP Endurance Wide Rim Mesh Basket"

    Just have to look harder next time, although I'm not sure I want to spend $18 on it, I'll look around at Walmart and see if there's something similar that is cheaper

  3. Here is a photo of my two no-name silicone spoon rests. I use them constantly. They are my friends. They are the most handy when I am making something sticky, like lollipops. The blue one has a bit missing on one side when it accidentally was pushed onto a hot burner. Who knew my spoon rests would ever go up into cyberspace?


    The top onw is mine



  4. Haven't seen it mentioned, but there is a new smart oven available. The Smart Oven Pro BOV845BSS. Same size as the BOV800XL, but adds a light and slow cooking capabilities.

    On amazon.Com it's $25 more than the 800xl at $275,but...

    it is only $239 at Amazon.ca!!!!

    Amazon's prices are all over the map atm, I purchased one about two weeks ago for my nephew at $269, one for my niece a week ago for $249 and now it's $239! Go figure! It' like the stock market!

    BTW the slow cooking function allows for 4 hours on high and 10 hours on low, obviously the container used requires a lid to retard evaporation. Many have commented on the desire for a light, (I personally have used a flashlight) but the addition of the slow cook functions make this app lace even more desirable!


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  5. I have a VP112 - weight and size were the prime considerations - had it for about a year and no problems

    So I haven't searched every post in the two threads but it wouldn't hurt to mention another use for a chamber vac even if I'm reposting a previous suggestion.

    While not lamination, printing out a recipe and sealing it in a bag, makes a great water/grease proof storage medium. I use 8.5 by 11 paper and bags slightly larger to vac and seal. Recipes can be stored in a file folder or an accordion file for easy retrieval. Same could be done foe one or two page equipment manuals/instructions/charts etc that you wish to reference.


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  6. I was at the vet with my dog a few days ago and a woman was in with her black Lab which had to go in for surgery. The Lab had apparently got into corn cobs from the trash, considering the cost and risk of the surgery, you could buy a really good trashcan for that money, not worth the risk.



  7. I just purchased a replacement gasket for the IP, not that I needed one but when and if I did, I would have it. Additionally I decided to purchase the glass lid (slow cooking etc.) and the silicone storage lid. the glass lid is what it is, however the silicone was definitely impressive. Very heavy and sealed well. Ideal for stews that are to be considered "leftovers", yet do not require the transfer to a new vessel to store. The Amazon price in CDN$ was only $15.50, and well worth the price imho, obviously cheaper S of the border.



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    HOWEVER...two major flaws in this blender which are worth noting.


    1.  The blender bottle opening is quite narrow and I need a modified funnel to get my ingredients into it with ease.  Rats.  OK.  I can do this.

    Try a preserving funnel, used for filling mason jars.



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