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  1. I favour paper napkins, paper plates and plastic utensils...but that's just me. p
  2. That's a Canadian bargain!!! p
  3. Our Prime Day (.ca) starts at 9:00 pm p
  4. I'm an instant pot user and pleased with it. However I'm allergic to eggs so I would omit them from the above recipe. So I have to ask, is this an efficicient use of this machine to cook 1 1/2 cups of pasta? p
  5. Here's a link to a non-paywall to same article: http://www.cetusnews.com/life/Can-the-Instant-Pot-Cook-as-Well-as-Julia-Child-.S1SadcefZ2Vb.html p
  6. Do you like Amazon? Do you like Whole Foods? If your answer to both questions is the same, then you don't have a problem. However if your answer is slpit, then you might have to re-evaluate your feelings. http://www.ctvnews.ca/business/amazon-is-buying-whole-foods-in-us-13-7b-deal-1.3462171 p
  7. On amazozon.ca it's $45, but they have the 4 tray model for $25: https://www.amazon.ca/TABAKH-DC-104-4-Plate-Stainless-Dhokla/dp/B00NITGRCK/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496881546&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=Tabakh+DC-103 p
  8. If the mother likes the knives and they work for HER then that should be the end of the story! Daughter can bring her own knives or not cook. p
  9. Can't help with comparisons, but would a thinner pan be more "responsive" than a thick one? Aluminum won't work on induction. p
  10. Sounds like an expensive salad spinner p
  11. Big Bob's recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/big-bobs-gibsons-white-sauce-recipe-1915328 p
  12. Serious Eats has seriously reviewed some outdoor pizza ovens: http://www.seriouseats.com/2017/05/best-backyard-pizza-ovens-review.html p
  13. @btbyrd What's a "drying oil", does it take the water out of things? Dehydrate? p
  14. @rotuts, I think you were spot on regarding the power differences and how that might be affecting the performance, but nitpicking-wise I think the "chips" were probably designed for low voltage DC and it's the power supply that is designed to deliver it. p
  15. palo


    Link to topic: Not sure if that answers all your questions
  16. @MelissaH - I was only thinking of the Kindle eReader, I hadn't considered using a tablet. I'm familiar with the Kindle app and have used it with my tablet, not as convenient than the hardcopy, but cheaper and taking up less space. p
  17. I don't have a Kindle, I do have a different brand. On my eReader the only way of going to a different page (if it's not the next one) is to input the page # and then go there, unless the author has made the page# a hyperlink. Not too convenient for me as I often keep a finger in a page while I flip to another and then back to the original page, how does a Kindle handle this? p
  18. http://www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/all-clad-launches-a-new-food-processor-that-will-also-cook-your-food-article?mbid=nl_04052017_weekly_TT (1) remainder&CNDID=22265976&spMailingID=10764717&spUserID=MTI5MTM3NjQ1NTE1S0&spJobID=1140385450&spReportId=MTE0MDM4NTQ1MAS2 p
  19. It's like an IP going for over $5000 - they only have to sell one to make a bit of spare change. p
  20. Good to know, not just for bread but for ensuring a crisp cust on pizza before the toppings burn. p
  21. http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/at-least-25-people-sickened-by-e-coli-linked-to-recalled-flour-1.3346946 p
  22. I've been to Voortman's, but they had nothing as exotic. p i
  23. @Anna/Kerry Was that Voortman's p
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