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  1. 23 minutes ago, Kerry Beal said:

    - but it is illegal to distill - unlikely to be prosecuted unless someone tries to sell - but still illegal. 

    From the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario:




    Can I make alcohol at home?
    You may make beer or wine at home as long as it is only for your personal consumption or to be given away free of charge. Homemade (or “u-brew”) beer or wine may not be sold or used commercially.

    Homemade spirits and the use of a still in a person’s home are illegal under the Excise Act of Canada.


    But I agree with Kerry - don't be putting a label on it!



  2. 2 hours ago, Toliver said:

    The link wording wasn't mine. It was the title of the article provided by that web site's editor and/or reporter.

    The gist of it means that the recipient of your electronic gift will be notified via either their email address or, likely, a text sent to their mobile phone number. All this means is If the gift giver doesn't have the recipient's home address, there's an alternative way of sending someone a gift from Amazon.
    Then when the recipient (who got the email or text) goes to Amazon to receive the gift, Amazon will let them decide whether to accept the original gift as-is, or they can opt to not receive that gift but receive an equitable gift card amount from Amazon. 

    The original gift-sender won't know that the recipient decided not to receive their gift and get the Amazon gift card instead. The original sender will just be notified by Amazon that the recipient said something generic like "Thanks for the gift"...not knowing an exchange happened.

    Supposedly, this will make everyone happy.

    Ahh conspiracy theory debunked!


    Don't you wish they all were that easy 😈



  3. I have the induction model (NP-HCC10) and it has worked flawlessly for me - at least once a week - I'm a lot like those websites in that I can't compare one model with another - the reason I chose the induction model was for what I perceived as more even heating (bottom, sides and lid) - less chance of scorching, though that's probably not an issue with their quality - yes there is a setting for Jasmine rice but not for basmati (white rice and adjust the water) - I don't know if the pressure option is one that would affect the uses I have (Jasmine and basmati) but if you see a reason for you then I would consider it - a rice cooker of this quality is for  years so the price is spread out over time.


    If you watch their video:




    then according to them you can't make rice unless you have this one 😝😝😝


    Good luck in sorting out your choice.



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  4. I just got an email with that link, but on further investigation there is a 1.1.32 which says "1.1.32 This release changes a single line of code to fix the error that caused ovens to start rebooting late Monday" which is dated Aug 20



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