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  1. We're there this weekend and staying at the Marriott at 540 N Michigan. What's good within a mile or two? Any cuisine ok
  2. This is our first visit and we could use any advice on dining. Do any restaurants take credit cards or is it all cash? Thanks
  3. any updates?. We're there this Saturday and looking for a dinner place.
  4. For value and quality if you're looking for seafood in RB, go to Fins, sit at the bar with Jamie and let him guide you through a delicious meal complemented by interesting wines. We've eaten at just about every restaurant in RB and this venue is consistently good AND a good value
  5. this is so helpful as we haven't been to the NYC in a while. Could anyone recommend a nice moderate French Bistro or Italian around E42nd near Grand Central? Or maybe Greek? This would be for Sunday evening. I've listed our preferences but we're open to anything! Corkage friendly a plus. Thanks from a DC egulleteer
  6. The Lab allows corkage at no charge. I think the restaurant charges $15pb. Too many venues inflate wine prices or have poorly chosen lists so I'm a corkage fan though I recognize Mark's POV and if every restaurant had a sommelier with his knowledge and non snooty attitude, I might change my tune. Tipping well is a must if you bring bottles, along with sharing. Don't get me started about wines served at inappropriate temperatures or lousy stemware.
  7. If you call the Washingtonian you should be able to get the $1 per issue deal-just say you got a card in the mail but misplaced it. That's about what's its worth, IMO. I go back and forth about their dining reviews but it's the main reason I bother subscribing as I get sick of all the lifestyles of the rich and famous features they run. And of course there's always a tearjerker illness story.
  8. We had a nice time in Philly. We had oysters at the Oyster house and met Katie and then went to Valentinos on Pine street for a good meal with black ravioli with lobster stuffing and a tender veal chop among the highlights. Friendly service and they even provided a decanter for the 89 Calon Segur I brought. I also ate at Dmitris on Pine which was ok but again friendly service. I walked back to the hotel and had an after dinner drink at Brasserie Perrier where I chatted with a lively group of folks. Diane the bartendress very nice. I found the city quite hospitable. Oh yes, breakfast at Reading market-buckwheat pancakes with apple butter-yum!
  9. DC egulleteer will be in Center City at the Doubletree hotel tonight. Could I get some expert help for dining this evening. BYOB preferred but not essential. Thanks
  10. DC foodie will also be there this weekend. I understand there's a new restaurant opened jointly by Rosarios and Biga. Anyone been? Also. we're taking the family out to Los Barrios (sp). Is it still good?
  11. I've never dined there and, as I have a joint birthday celebration to plan, this might be the place. A couple of questions: What is the corkage policy and does it matter where one sits in the restaurant? There will be six of us.
  12. Le Petite Maison-the femme formidable could not have been more welcoming- The appetizer of shaved white truffles over a custard of egg and heavy cream was fabulous. Very enjoyable evening but not inexpensive but then nothing was given the pitiful dollar. A fun lunch at Le Safari on their outside patio was a perfect place for people watching Brasserie Flo- a chain but excellent with white glove service. Impressive room that once was a cinema. We sample from their festival of foie gras menu. A wine bargain was an outstanding pinot blanc from Alsace at 14 euros. Unfortunately, I can't remember the producer Les Cave de Anges (think that's right) is a wine store with a back area with a few tables where the everchanging menu is on a chalkboard. Grab a bottle off the shelves or enjoy their excellent if limited selection of wines by the glass. The chef uses fresh, local ingredients to prepare deceptively simple meals. Seems to be an in spot for the locals.
  13. We also had a great meal at Eden on New Years Day from start to finish. Pretty good wine list for the beach and they allow corkage at no charge as long as it's not on their list. Their excellent stemware brought out the best in the 94 Cakebread CS I brought in-my last one-sob. They won't be open until Valentine's day, IIRC.
  14. we had a nice dinner at Celsius last night-the duck seasoned with oregano and morgaram (sp) was fabulous. Started with a nice 02 Sancerre off the list and then had the 94 Freemark Abbey Bosche CS I brought ($15 corkage with good stemware supplied). Currently, Tuesday is buy one entree get the 2nd half price (less expensive) and any full bottle $50 and under is half price plus $5. My wife's rockfish was also good with a sauce of morrels and asparagus in a light cream sauce. Appetizers were escargot in a puff pastry and baked oysters with gruyere cheese-all yummy. With a nice tip total was $115-love no tax in DE. WE may go out Saturday so any recs greatly appreciated. Happy New Year!!!
  15. We had a great time in Nice. I will post comments when I'm home next week. Thanks everyone!
  16. I liked Tony Chengs (upstairs) better than NBW and it's much cleaner. Haven't been to Full Kee.
  17. Bonjour, I'm a Washington DC egulluteer travelling to Nice with my spouse for the first time. Any advice on restaurants (all price ranges) and sites to see would be greatly appreciated. We're staying between the airport and the old part of Nice and will have a car. Thanks and I know I've come to the best place. Jay
  18. My old stand-by Cloud 9 has a new chef and he ain't too great. stick to the beef dishes which weren't bad. $5 corkage still exists and their wine list is interesting (stronger on whites).
  19. Always one of my favorite, reliable venues, I was disturbed by a conversation I had with a foodie friend who related a poor dining experience. Overcooked roasted chicken and soggy pomme frites. Is this a oneoff or a trend? It's a been at least a year since I've dined there but as out of town guests are arriving soon, I need any recent reports to determine whether I should take them there. I've always appreciated the $10 corkage so I hate to cross it off the list.
  20. We'll be down this weekend and are considering Cloud 9 but Dish caught my eye. We need corkage but both places offer it so...any recent tastings???
  21. thanks, as usual, for all the interesting comments. For $100 pp, I would expect more than Lipton's soup mix no matter how wonderful the atmosphere. But good service and a nice setting are important elements of a good dining experience so I'll probably end up going just to see for myself.
  22. I think I'm going with a group next month. How's the wine list and pricing? Is it PF and does anyone know how much? Are there options for number of courses?
  23. I recently received my copy of the latest Zagat survey for this area. I'm not commenting on the Baltimore section as I haven't dined there enough recently to give an opinion. My initial impression of the DC area section was less than enthusiastic given too many overly high ratings and regional bias (ignoring several MD restaurants and going far afield in Virginia) . One example was the omission of Sergios in Silver Spring and Lupos in College Park; these venues have been reviewed in the Post, certainly they should have been included. Another question I have regards the editor of the DC section. She is a lawyer named Olga Boikess. I don't recall seeing her name anywhere in foodie circles but please correct me as I am a relative newbie here and may have missed postings. How do others here feel about the accuracy of Zagat in DC? Full disclosure: I rated a few restaurants and received a free copy.
  24. Ms. Clark, thanks for your response. I'll be sure to send a glass of something good back your way when I visit (if you drink alcohol). This chat has been extremely interesting.
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