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  1. Oh this compbination is nothing new to Greece! You should definately try some watermelon with feta. Both ingredients compliment each other so good!! I've even tried it in a twist of the typical greek salad, with some cucumber, tomato sliced in small cubes, thin sliced red onion and green bell pepper!! I skipped the oregano and the olives though, and kept the seasoning simple, a tiny amount of virgin olive oil and some salt! My parents owned a pizzeria and I practically grew up in a kitchen. Cooking is something that comes to me naturally. How about you? Are you in the food industry in some
  2. From one newbie to another, I salute you!
  3. Thank you all for welcoming me!! I'm looking forward sharing with you some tested greek recipes!! SylviaLovegren Greece is somewhere between east and west. This means that although many things are "westernised", we still are a mediterranean country. So lots of vegetables and olive oil. Imo we tend to over consume meat which is not a great thing but other than that I feel very lucky. We produce many wonderful vegetables, nuts, legumes. Greece is a vegetarians paradise. Thanks for the Crepes believe it or not I have never in my life had mousaka. It's not my cup of tea, seems a little to
  4. oh wow this is such a great thread!! I really enjoyed watching all those beautiful kitchens!!! Mine needs a major make over! I really hope I will have done it until next year. Also I know kitchen isn't the best place for a washing machine but I had nowhere else to put it so.. Now, the table, we don't really use it for dining, we usually store fruits, honey, water bottles and other stuff there! Here's the inside of the spice cabinet. I also put open pasta or flour packages there I especially love this right here, The surface is perfect for cutting veggies and preparing mea
  5. Hello everyone! I'm Clementine, I live in Thessaloniki, Greece and I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to be here! I'm reading all those posts made by people from all over the world and I think how great this is. To get to know about all the different food cultures and traditions, tip and tricks! I am 25, I studied photography but cooking is what I do best. I've been working in the food industry for the last 5 years. I am really passionate about food. Eating it, yes, but mainly cooking or even reading about it. Actually I spend hours reading about cooking online or on actua
  6. Your student was indeed talking about Vasilopita. It's a sweet bread/cake similar to French brioche that we -Greeks- make in New Years Eve. You can find some recipes online. The vasilopita takes some time to prepare but you can keep it simple and use a brioche recipe and add some spices like cardamom and mahlab (my mom always adds both of them and I love it) If you are interested in incorporating some greek mythology in the cooking I suggest you to look for Melisseas who was a Cretan king and father to the nymphs Adrastia and Melissa who took care baby Zeus. Melissa is the greek word for b
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