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  1. 1 hour ago, Paul Bacino said:

    @Kim Shook


     I was a little concerned that they were going to be tough and bouncy like the ones that are in Spaghetti-O’s.  


    Memories   :)

    No lie I had spaghetti-o’s for dinner last night. Revoke my “foodie” (I hate that word) card, I know it’s gross. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, KennethT said:

    ping gnob sockeye salmon - coated in a red curry paste, wrapped in a banana leaf and "grilled" under the broiler in the CSO





    Can you tell me more about the cukes?

  3. 1 minute ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    Sounds good to me.


    It really was. I used the microwave method. I have two more ears and am trying to go to bed versus making another! 

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  4. 26 minutes ago, blue_dolphin said:

    I have no plans but now I want a hot dog. It's been a couple years at least.

    Same. Although I don’t have buns. White bread could work. I like to “boil” hot dogs from frozen in a pan with a NJT of water then let them “caramelize” for lack of a better term. But I don’t even know if I have hotdogs. I haven’t properly cooked in over three months.  

    ETA: boil is probably the wrong word. Steam is more like it. NJ has some great hotdog manufacturers. 

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  5. 26 minutes ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

    I grew up on Monterey Bay.   My father loved to go clamming.    We would bring home a bucket of clams, chuck them, cut them into morsels (these were big, 6" wide shells), and make New England style chowder, simply clams, their liquid, onions, potatoes, milk.    Never herbs.   Good eating.    I also was fed raw clams on the beach with lemon and Worcestershire.    Until my peers said, "eeeeeuuuuuuu!"  and I stopped.  

      That sounds delicious. 

      My father got me hooked on raw clams at age 4. Love them to this day, especially the cherry stone and little necks we get out East. 

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  6. Is this more of an era issue versus a mistaken opinion? I’m genuinely curious. My parents weren’t alive during WW2 so I have no clue about what was rationed on the east coast of the US. I never found British food to be bland during my visits there although at times I did avoid beef. 

  7. 21 hours ago, gfweb said:

    @rotuts M of E is pretty popular down here. WaWa,  Rolling Rock (which nobody not in Jr High drinks) and Yeungling (which we all drink) mentions go a long way.

    THANK YOU. I recently met someone who, as a middle aged adult claims Rolling Rock to be their favorite beer. I’d rather drink bud lite. RR was the first beer I ever tried so it’s shocking I actually enjoy beer. 
      I probably wouldn’t even use RR to cook with. I do love Yeungling though. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, scamhi said:

    dinner with a friend last night.

    Grilled rib eye and I made a roasted cauliflower laab which was off the charts good. recipe here

    wines the St Aubin was great and my Chevillon was corked. Replacement bottle of the Hermitage was awesome.






    If you’re accepting friend requests let me know 😂 that all sounds delicious. 

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  9. 8 hours ago, TicTac said:

    Located a new source for gourmet mushrooms, including one of my new favourites - Lions mane.  Forget the unreal health benefits from this fungi, the taste and texture are unreal.  Buttery beyond beliefe.


    Initially I would slice these but most mushrooms are easily and naturally tear - so I tried that method.



    Dry sauté just salt and high heat 



    butter added at the end




    served in crisp gnocchi, fried prosciutto end bits, ricotta salata 

    Does your source ship? 

  10. No idea why this popped in my mind during a discussion tonight. I have never used the green can.  My mother is half Italian and she lets me down at times buying shaved parm but I love cheese so I spend it on the real parm reggiano. Salty  sharp and perfect with some butter and loads of fresh pepper. 

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  11. 19 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    90 seconds of goodness.



    I’m sick and stuck in bed but I REALLY want this! 

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