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  1. On 7/19/2022 at 12:50 PM, gulfporter said:

    Nobody wants either, but high inflation means restaurants need to either raise prices, or to cut expenses.  


    Personally I find many eateries have overloaded the plate for years; many diners were led to assume their meal is a plus-one, with expected leftovers to take home. 


    I'm not a fan of leftovers; that could be based on my food preferences, many of which do not reheat well or stay fresh enough in the fridge. 


    So I have no problem with restaurants shrinking my meals a bit while maintaining their previous price.  


    Curious to hear from other diners and from restaurant owners/staff.  


      I absolutely agree. Plus most of the time I toss the left overs. 

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  2. 6 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:

    I will never again permit a potato to deliquesce on my bedroom rug without asking.  Also, never again shall I witness a whole large organic cabbage to liquify.  Frightening.  Something out of science fiction.  No coleslaw for me tonight.



    i actually cannot imagine the potato situation. Ages ago my ex and I went to Jamaica for two weeks and when we walked into the apartment I immediately noticed a smell. He went looking in the kitchen and yelled “go into a bathroom and close the door”. My gag reflex kicks in easily. I’m still grateful that he dealt with that. And I always check any potatoes I have. 

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  3. I (think?) I may be a bit younger but I loved to those sugar dots on paper. Candy cigarettes- not so much the bubble gum ones but the sugar stick ones. 
    I love anything banana  flavored like the Now or Laters. I’d be scared they’d mess with my veneers now. 

      Pop Rocks were always a lot of fun. 

     A few years ago I ordered a “vintage” candy collection from Dylan’s Candy Bar and they had those wax mini bottles with sugar syrup and a Candy necklace along with a ton of things. 

      I’m going to go brush my teeth at the thought of all this sugar! 😂

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  4. 1 hour ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    And again tonight, although, forgive me, I may sound like a broken record.  Dinner was supposed to have been chicken cacciatore.  It never happened.


      I did pick up some Chinese food but wasn’t feeling it so I had the same dinner as you.  I need to replenish my cheese supply. Fortunately I have a good local source. 

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  5. I spent a birthday in Charleston a few years ago in a very cool historic VRBO— occasionally I check to see if it is up for sale because it is a perfect little pied e terre and is a great income property.
     We had a fantastic dinner at Halls and I got an antique ring at Crogan’s— they have fabulous estate jewelry. It was at times, uncomfortably humid in March at the time! 

      Savannah is on my list too!! 

     Thanks for sharing! 

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  6. I have one of those formerly trendy stand up popcorn machines that I forgot I had until unearthing things to move. It’s cute and it does pop well so I just bought some Orville kernels to try it out with. 
      Now I really want popcorn and I have no way of making it. I don’t think I could put a pouch of microwave popcorn in my air fryer. 

  7. Welp, Misfits caught up with me. I genuinely thought I had paused all delivered until August because that option was right in my face. Canceling? Not so much. 

      I was wrong. And now I have a pre determined “box” where I didn’t choose any items coming to me Saturday. I will likely offer it to my neighbors and family. By the time it gets here I’ll have less than 2 weeks until my home closes and for now I am packing and not cooking. 

      I’m also going to try to get customer service on the phone to see if they can either donate the box or re-route it to the local soup kitchen if they accept donations of food. 

      I’m exhausted by the efforts needed to try to be as sneaky as the companies we rely in order to cancel memberships. 

     Next up on the docket is MetsFan v. Ready Refresh, aka Poland Spring. 


      To be fair, if I was not in the middle of packing and preparing for a move, the items they automatically choose are all things I could and would use. They stuck to the basics and I think that is a plus. 

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  8. @Chimayo Joe the only time I recall eating those “Smiles” potato product was when I was in college and and deemed them a fun late night snack. I wasn’t sober when I ate them. 

      I have the basket style air fryer. I have a toaster oven. I haven’t used my toaster oven (a Breville but not a combi or APO or anything fancy) in months. I throw bread into my air fryer and it makes toasts quickly. It’s not amazing toast but it’s earned a spot on my soon to be limited counter space. 

      The air fryer does a good job at reheating left overs. Not all of course; but most things it does a lot better than a microwave and the clean up is minimal. 


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  9. 13 hours ago, weinoo said:



    And I'll often do the following (which is actually on the Brooklyn Hot Dog web site): start them in a sauté pan with some water, and let them heat up in the water. When the water is all gone, they'll get rolled around and brown for a few minutes - no splitting!


     I also cook hotdogs this way. I love the results. Worth the time. My college roommate’s grandmother taught me that trick. 

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  10. I looked into Misfits. In order to view their products I had to sign up, credit card and all. 

    Their prices are good. But I am a single person and $35 even a month with all of their offerings is my limit. So I’m off to attempt to deactivate my account. 

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  11. ShopRite in NJ is charging over $3 for one single zucchini. It isn’t a magical one. It’s a simple, normal sized zucchini. I refuse to buy it on principle. 

      I haven’t experienced inflation such as it currently is as an adult and I’m honestly bewildered. 

     A Progresso can of soup is over $4. 
     A can of condensed Campbell’s chicken and stars (my go to comfort food) is over $3. 

    Since I am moving to an apartment I can’t really buy much of anything in bulk; I simply lack the space. I am fortunate that I can afford these highly inflated prices should I choose to but I can’t bring myself to do so. 

     But many people do not have the luxury of the choices I can make. My mind is just blown. It’s shameful. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:

    Dinner, the last three nights, has been hotdogs.  Does that make me a bad person?  Does it matter they were Nathan's Angus?



    Nope! I’m a bit jealous! I just bought hotdogs and tend to “pan fry” them with some water but I’m starting to really miss grilled foods! 

  13. My beloved Rod’s in Convent Station (aka Morris Township) sold their entire operations to a management company in CA. The management company had been involved with running the hotel (The Madison Hotel) from day one; the family that owned Rod’s didn’t have the expertise in hotel management and I believe it was a condition of getting the original bank loan. The Keller’s have always been restauranteurs, not hotel owners. 

    I worked there for years in college and ate very well!. Grew up going there for most family dinners, back when they had the neon dance floor and the salad bar upstairs.  I was proposed to there, I had my wedding at the hotel and am recently divorced. Everything comes full circle. I’m still sad to see a restaurant ran by generations of the same family sell such an amazingly unique property. I was dismayed when the Knowles family sold Highlawn Pavilion and closed all the dining rooms at the Manor (I worked there as well) but Rod’s hits a little bit harder. The Keller family has always been very generous to the local community and I hope the restaurants and hotel do not suffer too much from the sale as whomever comes in will have to work very, very hard to fill the void that is now established. 

  14. On 6/13/2022 at 8:14 AM, kayb said:

    I have a Simple Human stainless bin with a foot thingy that opens the lid, and two compartments inside. Odd size, so I order bags from Amazon. This one. Be assured I did not pay $250 for a trash can; I bought one someone else had and didn’t like.


     Yikes. I think I’ll get two relatively inexpensive Rubbermaid foot pedal cans and keep the garbage one in the kitchen and the recycling by the mini bar I have. I’ve always been stupidly awkward when it comes to trying to get a garbage bag to stay in place in Simply human metal cans— they always just kinda slide down. 

  15. 2 hours ago, cyalexa said:

    Is it empty? It might not move once you have stuff in it. 


      Yea it is. I should have thought of that! 😬 I bet you’re right!  I did get down and look at the wheels to see if there was some break- like mechanism that wasn’t on but then realized that was an incredibly foolish idea and now I will wait until it is full to see if it’s worth a call into maintenance. 

    Didn’t there used to be a thread about drunk/ stoned 3am snack eating? My Steak Um experiment (along with a few others) belongs there. 

  16. On 12/14/2021 at 11:34 PM, scott123 said:

    Are the condos at Jockey Hollow really a million bucks?  Yowza, that's a lot for a condo.

    Do you know how, in Seinfeld, Jerry's father would like gifts more if they were better deals- and his favorite were items that were stolen?  Well, that's kind of my approach to food.  I'm on an eternal quest to find the most possible bang for my buck.  And these days, it's an uphill battle.  

    If you could slum it a bit, I'd love to do a meal sometime :) 

    Speaking of slumming it, Masago, in Morristown, has cash only half price sushi.  I'm not sure if I'd consider it a great deal, but, for Morristown, it's pretty competitive. It looks like Minado (Morris Plains) is done, so cheap sushi is even harder to find now.

    Update @scott123



    Those condos are now around 1.75. Real estate in the area is obscene. 

     I’ve been back to 1776 a few times. They have a pre-fixed “power lunch” which is three courses for $29.76. I haven’t ordered from that. Their lunch menu is ok but completely void of steaks which bewildered me. They also have a 2% up charge for using credit. It’s clearly stated on the website and menu so that doesn’t bother me. 

    Last time I was there I ordered oysters-/ I think they were beausoleils and whomever shucked them was either pressed into doing to or just an asshole. Every oyster had large chunks of shell. It was really unpleasant. I would have said something but I was treating a friend and didn’t feel it would have been appropriate.

    I also don’t get why they have a “sushi” menu. It’s Morristown. There’s a lot of decent sushi places. Give me a nice cut of well aged, well seasoned and perfectly cooked steak (which they have) and I am happy. The sides are bordering being obnoxious. 

    That said, the cocktails are solid although the bar is frequently backed up, they have some interesting wines and have a lot of events— I know they’re having a wine dinner soon. 

     Be prepared to pay $10 for valet parking (as a woman alone I do not like the adjacent parking garage by Ming and Mendhi) but I avoid that by taking an Uber for less and not having to wait. 


    The desserts are awesome. Whomever is their pastry chef is super talented. 

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  17. Nothing I’m aware of but I’ve not dealt with that issue for a long time. 

      I will say, despite any type of software, just as any written schedule is; it will always change. 

      People want certain nights off or will trade for prime shifts, it’s just the nature of the business. 

    What issues are you seeking to solve that you’re contemplating software to help with? 

  18. On 6/10/2022 at 11:53 AM, ElsieD said:

    Reminds me of the time we were at a football game and John's sister, who was having a beer, gave a cheering gesture.  The beer landed all over the back of the guy sitting in front of her.  Unbelievably, he never noticed.

    Been there and have been the guilty party and have it done to me more than a few times. The trials of being a sports fan! 😂

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  19. On 6/11/2022 at 10:17 PM, gfweb said:

    Steakum has nothing to do with a real cheesesteak. Most places use lower grade sirloin or rib eye.  Steakum is wretched fatty mystery meat that i wouldn't feed Henry. 


    To their credit, however, steakum broadcast ads in Philly at the height of covid hysteria that addressed the rampant covid nonsense of the time. 


    Product still sucks though. 

    I didn’t actually eat the product since it just melted into a pile of meat goo. And it was definitely not a rational thought but I suppose that George Foreman grill did me a favor!  I’m scared at the concept of ever feeding it to Maisey! 😂

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  20. 1 hour ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    I have never changed out a toilet seat, but have you checked how your future apartment handles recycling?  Here we first had a bin out by the street.  In other words directly in my lovely view.  That did not last long.  Then the county issued buckets, one for each apartment.  That was a bad idea.  People put trash in other people's buckets, and others stole the buckets.  Now we have recycling bins in back.  Eg. in other people's view.  People (people who apparently can't read) still put trash in the recycling but it has been the best solution yet.  I take recycling out as necessary.  I don't see the need for a special combination can.


    Here the fire marshal does not allow "real" grills, neither on the balconies nor outside.




    I have checked it out. They have closed off areas with dumpster for every “group” of units which has a dumpster for trash and another for recycling. Same as I’ve experienced before. Yes, a lot of people don’t bother to differentiate between the two, I’m assuming as they didn’t when I last rented.  They’re in the parking lots and I’ve also never seen the parking lots remotely close to full (I don’t want to rent a garage which I could) which is good. 

      There’s a lot of green space (22 acres for approximately 300 some of units) so apparently people do grill and also bring grills to the cement open space next to the outdoor pool and it’s tiny “clubhouse”. I am not interested in dragging a grill, food and Maisey around! It would be an excellent way for me to either break a leg, crack my knee cap or set myself or Maisey on fire. 

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