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  1. Since you ask, package 1: Contains catechin. Package 2: Uses Uji macha. Uji is a city in Kyoto. ← thanks, Hiroyuki~! is the kanji for "ocha/tea" the one on the lower right, i.e., the one that looks like a cross and two blobs with a roof and two birds above it?* *most clumsily-phrased description of a kanji--ever.
  2. matcha candy that is bitter matcha powder on the outside, creamy toffee on the inside: and just plain matcha candy: --can anyone tell me anything else it says on the packaging, besides "matcha candy"? --if people are curious, these candies are 2.99$ Canadian dollars in Montreal's Chinatown.
  3. Bump! It's re-opening, or has re-opened already...!!!
  4. Happy Birthday Simon Patrice, and that sounds like you had an awesome meal...
  5. This link to a Boeuf en Daube a la Nicoise recipe is from Leite's Culinaria, and is inspired by the two pages of description we get of the daube, from Virginia Woolf's "To The Lighthouse", as Mrs. Ramsay makes dinner for her family.
  6. Daniel-- first of all, that poutine looks awesome. but i am doubled over laughing that you added foie gras to St-Hubert grocery store poutine sauce mix! Daniel: EDIT to add that it sounds like you guys had an amazing trip--and i can't believe you and your girlfriend could go through that much food in two days, but I'm glad you guys loved it... thanks for writing up the meals--that cabby sounds creepy. I've been a Montrealer for most of my life, and it just makes you proud when someone comes from a world capitol (like NYC) and can enjoy what we have to offer here. you guys should come back in the summer~!
  7. the background on the name is that "sotte l'y laisse" (variant spellings) means "the fool leaves them". that's how highly regarded they are!
  8. venison tartare, appetizer size, with frites and home-made mayo... drool. this makes me sound soo boring, but i order that--no matter what else i order--every time i go...
  9. OMG no wonder! there's 4 grams in that little foil brownie tin?! this blog is honestly very fresh and fun--thanks for sharing!
  10. it really is the most lovely snack, isn't it? crunchy, sour, hot, garlicky and pungent. i am sneezing, so when i get home i'm vigourously boiling some chicken broth, turning off the heat, and stirring in 1-2 cups of kim chi. if i still get the cold--knock wood--at least i know i have done everything humanly possible to prevent it.
  11. tepee-- the reason the bags were bloated is because the kim chi was releasing carbon dioxide. you'll notice it might taste a little bit 'sparkly' or carbonated. refrigerate it, stir it every few days, and try not to let it become sentient and mount an insurrection in your fridge.
  12. Kerry-- thanks for your amazing class and Q&A help~! i am very, very fond of these Kasugai brand Japanese green tea (matcha) and cream hard candies. they are really just a hard candy that is flavoured with green tea powder and cream. it seems to me that either by making a harder caramel, or by making the pulled candy recipe, i could add the matcha powder and cream towards the end? if i did this with the caramel, i guess i would get a softer candy, and if i did it with the pulled candy, it doesn't call for cream, and i'd be worried about scorching the matcha (green tea) powder. any ideas?
  13. hzrt8w-- as always, your pictorial is awesome, and it helps me decipher what some of those jars (with no Roman letters on them) actually *are* in my Chinatown. thanks! i am wondering, since you kind of got onto the Chinese greens a little bit here, if it would be possible maybe to do a side-by-side picture comparison of some of the most widely available Chinese greens? i can recognize Napa cabbage (bok choy?) and Chinese broccoli (gai lan?), but after that i'm hopelessly lost... would anyone second that request? Chinatown in Montreal is on my way home from work nightly, and if you did me that favour, hzrt8w, i would be able to eat tasty nutritious greens all winter, as well as know what they are called!
  14. helenjp-- i'm curious; what is this 'double-boiled' potato? i'm assuming you mean Jackal10, the eGullet member, suggested this? i can't imagine what it would entail.
  15. Hi CharityCase-- we had this discussion on the Japan forum, and i find people have success either with: --scoop the remainder into a clean glass jar, smoosh it down with a spatula, and put a tiny film of tasteless oil (like canola) over the top of it, or, even more simply, --fold the bag so that the absolute minimum of the miso is exposed to air, or put it in a ziploc bag and squeeze the air out. it should then be fine for many, many months.
  16. when i used to manage a sushi shop--at the time i, ahem, consumed alchohol with friends fairly enthusiastically several nights a week--i would go in every morning and have a green tea and a miso soup. the hot liquid, the nourishment, and the blandness and sodium fixed me right up. not so exotic or weird as some suggestions are sure to be, and yet: it worked. edit to add: oh yeah: JasonWV: i notice it's your post #6--so welcome to eGullet!
  17. ok, here's the stupid question: what is the "pressed" part of this recipe? did they maybe press the gizzards, and you've adopted an easier way of doing it?
  18. anyone know the publisher and/or ISBN #? anyone know how to build an eGullet-friendly link to this book on Amazon? thanks in advance if yes, gus
  19. they were reviewed in this week's Montreal Mirror: review of O.Noir... 26OCT06 not a very positive review, sadly. something about "wedding food", something about not being sure what textures were going with what foods, something about one of the reviewer's buddies spilling something on his shirt and eating, bare-torso'd, for the rest of the meal. my only beef here is that if some entrepreneur is *sincere* about helping visually-impaired people--and G-d bless those who do--they could _at least_ open more than a half-assed, somewhat high-end cafeteria with the lights turned out. sigh. and please, for the love of all that is good, folks: no "blind leading the blind" jokes...
  20. i feel the same way about Robin des Bois (St-Laurent beterrn Marieanne and Mont-Royal) as i feel about O.Noir--and it's a bit the way Lesley mentioned above: --i would _love_ to encourage the charities they support (in the case of RdB) and the visually-impaired servers (in the case of O.N) --i'm not sure when i'll get there, but i'm also sure it'll make "quite a night", as above. i am slightly leery though, that in the good intentions and/or gimmicks of these restos, that the food quality, taste, etc. might get lost in all the accoutrements. or darkness. presentation can be jettisoned to start with in a dark room, or can it?
  21. ...and don't hold back, I'm in the business, and I'll know anyway, then I'll blame you for not telling me. ← way to make friends and influence people, coquus~!
  22. This just made me laugh, because the description sounds like one from a super-cool modern textbook of sociology or something. But here in Montreal, we have had indoor/public space smoking restrictions as well. And street smoking is very much a sign of our times.
  23. hey Sandy-- Happy Birthday~! so already you have two meals to describe to us--brunch at "the Midtown" and the home-cooked dinner! PS: this "Midtown", is it a Philly institution? it seems like every single city has a "Midtown"-something (Tavern, Grill, etc.), hehe...
  24. ...and then you have people like my Dad, who i love deeply, but with whom i can no longer go to restaurants. it is not beyond him--seeing the plates arrive and noticing someone else's order looks more to his taste--to LIE to the server, and say that he ordered what the envied diner is having.
  25. Oh, I didn't even realise they shipped to Canada, but apparently they do. Cool, thanks. ← i just wanted to bump this up, since i also have had problems getting some chilis: more than 13 types of chili peppers, and they deliver to Canada...
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