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  1. Les Chèvres

    hi all-- so i know you guys at Les Chevres had a reception and tastings <?> monday, and you're opening to the public tonight. i hear that the interiors are astonishing, the sculptures at the entry, etc. the glass vitrine to the pastry kitchen. Congratulations! can someone post a menu, or discuss the appetizers? i probably won't be able to make it there soon, and yet this resto seems to be very eagerly anticipated indeed! thanks! :-)
  2. Morimoto

    hi Lesley C and others-- i have a link for some food and chef images of the Morimoto night at Soto Old Montreal: soto morimoto hope this link works for you all, as it shows several of the dishes Lesley mentions, as well as several brands of sake (someone else asked about). this is my first post, but i love this board already! ;^) gordon