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  1. "I have nothing to declare." Or, "I have X number bottles of liquor" (think 6 is the current limit).
  2. I'm deep in Dixie's Land & I keep my rum in the freezer until opened, or afterward, if it will fit. That's th' way I like it.
  3. tasted this rum a coupla weeks ago :yum: it's delicious, but, not worth $100 a bottle
  4. according to my local crawfish vendor, after the Louisiana crawfish season, they remain available all but a few weeks, from California sources
  5. we used a large plate in lieu of a pie pan, but that's essentially the same thing; we roll ours in flour with salt added; be sure to put enough salt & butter in the grits, before you chill
  6. or, poetically, to quote, Southern Jewish writer, David Cohn: "beginning in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis and ending at Catfish Row in Vicksburg."
  7. I grew up in Greenville, Mississippi, & can tell that the Delta runs from just South of Memphis, to just north of Vicksburg...fwiw, we always sent over food to neighbors in this case...
  8. haven't had fried grits in years...gonna have 'em tonight, though...we used to have something called "Beaten Biscuits"...but you have to have a special two roller press to run the dough through...someone inherited the machine from my grandmother...wasn't me & I can't remember who got it...
  9. N-E-V-E-R heard of it...have had lots of fried grits...
  10. How about RIBs @ Dreamland?: Dreamland WebSite does Nicks in the Sticks still exist?
  11. You mean "Bubba Gump" isn't gettin' it, anymore?
  12. I like to order extra virgin olive oil; customs has no problems with evoo
  13. from Jimmy Buffet's Ragtop Day: Come on over here baby, get in this car, we'll cruise on down to the Gulf, & listen to some Western music, get us a cool one at the Flor-a-Bama, yeah...
  14. here's a few from the FatGuy World Tour: Addresses Bud & Alley's 2236 Highway 30-A (across from the Post Office) Seaside, FL (850) 231-5900 www.budandalleys.com Chef Paul's 102 Market Street Panama City Beach, FL (850) 235-2811 www.chef-paul.com Criolla's 170 Highway 30-A Grayton Beach, FL (850) 267-1267 Fish Out of Water 1701 Highway 30-A (at the Watercolor Inn) Seagrove Beach, FL (866) H20-COLOR www.watercolorflorida.com Sandor's Corner of Highways 30-A and 98 Seagrove Beach, FL (850) 231-2858
  15. There is only one real Greenville, and I am from there. rofl, an' we got their baseball team
  16. @ last count there were 43 Greenvilles in these united States
  17. If I can teach that frog to make biscuits...
  18. you could go to Morgan Freeman's restaurant in Clarksdale...do a search with those keywords...
  19. martha the water temp in the Gulf is about 71* F., & should be about 75* F., or maybe even higher, by the time you get there http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/dsdt/cwtg/egof.html
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