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  1. My craving when I was pregnant was grilled cheese sandwiches with processed cheese. Still like the grilled cheese sandwiches but it has to be other cheeses - processed cheese will never take up space in my fridge.
  2. I also like William Sonoma. In fact I ask for gift certificates from my family on gift giving occasions from this store. Thanks for the other suggestions too. I will be making a visit to all the stores.
  3. tajanna

    Rack of Lamb Questions

    I loved the lamb from Britain. I can only compare it too Ontario Lamb and New Zealand Lamb. Remeberances of tastes past. Ontario lamb is good though.
  4. tajanna


    My friend has been cooking for years and has produced very good results. But I am often surprized at things she doesn't know. She didn't know what capers were. or where to use them.
  5. tajanna

    Milk yet Again...

    There was no punishment severe enough for me to drink milk. In fact, now that this subject has been brought up, you have reminded me of an event that caused me such humiliation that I think I will still have to enlist pychiatric intervention. My aunt, who was a producer of a radio show had the host announce to the 'whole' world that I did not drink my milk. That 'whole' world was only small city Ontario, but to me it was the 'whole' world. Even that didn't get me to drink a glass of that vile liquid. I do love buttermilk though, and with lots of pepper.
  6. tajanna

    Skipping Breakfast?

    It is not that I don't want to eat in the morning, it is that I don't like breakfast foods. I would rather have 'lunch' type meals for breakfast. Soup and a sandwich, or last nights leftovers. With oatmeal I have to have so much brown sugar on it that it's not worth it. Don't like cold cereal. Eggs are for the weekend I do have to eat in the morning, but not 'breakfast'.
  7. My first job - way back when - was dispensing the boiled weiners in steamed buns at an arena in small town Ontario. At the time I thought they were great. I haven't been able to look a hot dog in the face ever since.
  8. tajanna

    International Potato Chips

    This whole International potatoe chips thread amounts to garbage. Yes, deep fried, who knows what the additives are, garbage. How can anyone put one of these vile foods? into their mouths. And then join a thread that talks about eating at Susur's, North 44, Avalon, slurping down oysters? What wine is recommended 'to go with' the latest trend in the famous international cchips/crisps? Popcorn?. well that is another story.
  9. I didn't pick Jesus myself, but I would like to know why you think it is so sad? Jack Kerouac was never sober and in some circles he is a has been - or a never was.
  10. tajanna

    Food Network Chefs

    Go back to your trailer. How astonishing that you were completely ignored (except by me, who found you too repulsive to restrain myself) for your immature, troll-like comments. I agree, Pixelchef. Perhaps James Barbar/Urban Peasent is more his/her type of guy. I was one of those a*o that paid to dine 'in the mud' and it was wonderful. It takes 3 months to get a reservation. BTW Coop what is wrong with Europeans and Ontarians?
  11. Ah, but we are forgetting about the 'new' sponges we buy. Where has it been, whose hands have left their contaminants on it? It's a nasty, germ ridden world out there. Watch Out! Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they are not after you.
  12. tajanna

    Susur Lee

    I will look forward to giving my impressions of my next visit to Susur's
  13. I was thinking of Jefferson too, and would have also been speechless at the table. Oprah would be great, set up the time and place and I will join you.
  14. tajanna

    The chain restaurant topic

    What I expect from a chain restaurent is consistancy. You know what you will be getting to eat. It is not outstanding but it is reliable. Some chains do not provide this. I have been in good MacDonalds and bad. The same as KFC. The chains I find most reliable is Swiss Chalet and Tim Horton's for their lunch specials.
  15. We have more donute shops and pizza places then any small town I know. In june/july we have 'strawberry fields forever'