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  1. Pre-seal your steaks and bring your SV to work.
  2. You may want to contact the manufacturer directly. I would not be surprised with they have 240V versions and international distributors for their products.
  3. Just a thought, but what about making rum balls out of your brownies. You may need to cut in some vanilla wafers to help with the texture.
  4. I believe the Nongshim noodles are fried, like traditional instant noodles. I accidentally missed the "dried ramen" portion of the original post. I'll have to check out the Myojo Cukazanmai's as well!
  5. I'm a big fan of the Nongshim Ramyum noodles. It's my treat on the weekends. We add our homemade kimchi, an egg, and whatever left over protein that's in the fridge. The consistency and quality of the noodles are solid. It goes well with other broths, whether homemade or bouillon. We can usually find it on sale at our local Korean market.
  6. Long time listener, first time caller here! My name is Johnny and I hail from beautiful San Diego, CA. I have no formal background in cooking, but I like to understand traditional techniques and flavor pairings before I go experimental on a dish. My exploits range from making pastas, curing and smoking charcuterie, to sous-viding holiday dinners. It was a new years resolution for me to get involved with "the community", so why not a food community! I look forward to contributing and exchanging ideas with everyone!
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