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    Hard-boiling eggs

    That's the method I use but I find that six minutes with the lid on is perfect. The yolk is cooked but still bright orange and a little moist. Never used an ice water bath. clb
  2. clb

    Dinner! 2002

    Some fine plaice fillets from Kensington Place Fish Shop coated with a lemon-zesty herby breadcrumb mixture and with a Pernod-garlic butter drizzled over them. With some mashed pots. From one of Simon Hopkinson's excellent books. Also a head of romanesco. How best to cook this? I steamed it over the potatoes and it retained its looks but could have done with some additional flavour. Anchovy oil (but not with the plaice, I think)? Some rock hard little Josephine de Malines pears cooked in Marsala and sugar in the oven, as suggested in the Chez Panisse Fruit book. Unbelievably delicious with cream, which made a sort of toffee sauce. clb
  3. Well, I think the distinction between cottage (beef) and shepherd's (lamb) survives in English kitchens and I still live here... But then the best so-called Shepherd's Pie I've made (or eaten) is Fay Maschler's version, which she calls one with Greek influences. Grated carrots, celery and onion are sauted with a little garlic before the lamb is added and browned. Then a whizzed tin of tomatoes is added, some ground cinnamon, dried oregano and fresh mint. The mixture is simmered for a long time. Covered with mashed potatoes and grated cheese and browned in the oven. Yes, this is rich and it is inauthentic but it is also very delicious.
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