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    I used to work in a place that served an avocado "foie gras", pan seared avocado in a very hot pan with whole cloved of garlic. we served it with snow pea shoots and fresh tomatoes in a truffle oil vin. it was delicious. A neat bright green oil cooks out of them. We got the idea because Coyote Cafe used to pan sear avocados. I guess the high saturated(?) fat content make them excellent for pan searing. Also has anyone played with the giant avocados that are out there. When I asked about them at a supermarket I was told that you couldn't get them at restaurants, but he didn't know why.
  2. you should save that jelly also. It makes the best soups and sauces. Just throw a couple of pieces in and simmer away. Just check for salt. Sometimes it gets really salty.
  3. wokshop.com is great also. The woman who owns it is super friendly.
  4. JohnStewart

    Making Bacon

    I work at a restaurant that makes their own panchetta. I have a reasonable grasp of the process, but I'm looking for more. I would like to be able to make my own salami's, pepperoni, bacon, sausages etc. I am pretty familiar with making my own bacon and sausage, but it would be nice to see it in writing before I give my friends tricanosis(sp) or something. Even a cookbook recommendation would be nice, I have the complete meat cookbook and a pretty extensive cookbook collection but this seems to be a skill that people don't like to share in books. I also have access to curing salt and casings I just need the knowledge. Thanks
  5. JohnStewart

    Making Vinegar

    So armed with my new knowledge of vinegar making I asked the chef about it again. And he's bringing me part of his mother tomorrow. woohoo, time to talk to him about salami making.
  6. JohnStewart

    Making Vinegar

    The chef at one of the places I work makes his own red wine vinegar, but he does it at home and won't share the art. Anybody on here have experience with it? I'd love to make my own. The other place I work has white balsamic, any recipes for that one?
  7. JohnStewart

    What's the Diff?

    And carne adovada is the one marinated in red chile and garlic.
  8. I didn't make it last monday. But maybe this monday after the ice melts. I went to Dots and the Horsebrass this week. Dots was neat, a little smokey, but they have green chile cheeseburgers!...it made my move worth it. The Horsebrass was cool also. Just very busy. It was Friday night though. The Lompac has $2 pints on Mondays also, but the food didn't do it for me. Were there 30 people at H20 on a Monday? Seems hars to believe when we were the only customers the night we went. I will try to keep an eye on this thread to see if you're going out for happy hour.
  9. It was good...and Heather does rock. She was very nice. I told her about this post, and she had already heard about it. I had the mussels and a asian chicken salad...good food and cheap. Ran the bill up on booze though. It was worth it, the girl makes a mean Ten and tonic. The waterfalls were off (cleaning day), but there were only 4 of us in the whole place. It was great! I'll be back ..maybe see you monday. I think they changed the happy hour time. We were there until 10 or so before they closed the downstairs and we left. Thanks for the tip. Any other good places to go..We're new here
  10. You sold me. A full bar and cheap good eats..I'll see you there tonight. After all that, the good bartender is working tonight.
  11. Quail pot pie! well cheater pot pie. I just roasted the quail and pulled it off of the bone. I cut some circles out of some puff pastry and baked those. Then just sauteed the quail meat with baby carrots, snow peas and onions and what not...then just made an asiago cream sauce. pour everything into the puff pastry shell and mmm creamy goodness. or stuff them with chorizo and roast them.
  12. what about using your clear pillars and painting the inside of them, then the paint won't be rubbing the cake. Dunno. Guess I should have read all the replies before I answered.
  13. I was talking to a local New Mexico chef who just went on a two week eating vacation, including The French Laundry and a few other notable places. But she went to Sea Saw as part of her trip and said it was second on the vacation only to The FL. Big words I realize, but she was blown away. I got to see the menu, and it looks pretty great. their take on the caprese salad was neat, it had sliced octopus and pickled ginger if I recall. I haven't been there myself, just my 2 cents.
  14. At my job now we serve a blackeyed pea, chorizo ragout with mustard glazed, pine nut crusted lamb..it's tasty. The last job I had we served chorizo stuffed calamari as an app. I'm inclined to go for the mussels steamed in a chorizo, saffron broth, maybe put some tomato sauce in it first. As for the the cured spanish chorizo. It was a welcome addition to a cheese plate for awhile. I can't get enough of the stuff..just don't read the ingredients
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