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  1. Lazy Daisy Cake was a family staple growing up on the prairies in Canada in the 1950's and 1960. Everyone loved it. I am suddenly craving it - I think I will dig out the receipe.
  2. If I was visiting Vancouver I would have a serious look at C restuarant and VIj's. C, in my opinion does seafood at its best. If it is a nice day you can sit outside and have a lovely view of False Creek. Vij does Indian better than anyone. I would defer to people more knowledgable than myself on the recommendations for Chinese food in Richmond. I have not been to Lumiere since the change in chefs. However, I found it fairly ordinary when I was there a year ago or so. My husband and I had a fabulous meal at Gastropod a couple of months ago. It is a fairly new restaurant in Vancouver. We had great service, great food in a very modern decor.
  3. We walk by Saveur on a regular basis and have always wondered what it is like. Hubby wants to try it on Saturday night, but I am skeptical as the place always seems very empty. Has anyone tried it recently?
  4. If you look at this container on the King Arthur web site, it says it holds 25 pounds of flour http://www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/detail...ry=C280&id=5177 It measures 12 x 15 inches
  5. Thanks to all for the suggestions. I have heard of the potato trick, but based on what was said above, did not know if that would work. I ended up squeezing juice of almost 1/2 a lemon into the mixture. It was not enough to taste "lemony", but did help reduce the salt taste. In fact, I think it improved the dish as it brightened the flavour!
  6. I am making Dehlia Smiths steak, kidney and mushroom pie. I am at the stage where I have braised the ingredients together in the oven, but have not put the crust on the pie. Unfortunately I have oversalted the dish, just a tad. I know there is a technique for reducing the "salt" taste, but I can't find it in any of my books. Is there anybody that can help?
  7. The Barefoot Contessa does a very nice roasted pork loan with fennel that I have made numerous times and people have loved it. PM me if you want the recipe.
  8. Night and Day Slow-Roased Pork Shoulder - I am thinking of making this for a casual "friends" dinner. Has anyone tried this dish ....if so comments? The recipe calls for cooking the pork at 180 degrees. I am also making the Zuni Cafe's onion and chard panade - it is supposed to be cooked at 250 degrees for 2 hrs 45 minutes. Question - if I compromise and have the oven at 225 for 3 hours or so, will this be too high for the pork? I love this book...................
  9. Happy Birthday, Thanks for the pictures. It looks like a great feast to enjoy with friends on a special day.
  10. Would like to bump this up - is there a report/photos available?
  11. I made them - and reported some where up thread. It is an absolutely delicious dish. The leeks melt until very soft and creamy. Highly recommended. Reminds me I should make it again.
  12. These http://recipes.egullet.org/recipes/r743.html potatoes can easily be made the day before and reheated. Awesome taste as well as convenience
  13. I have had the straight up and down version of this for several years http://www.evasolo.com/products-knifestand.html . I love it. It looks very stylish on my black granite counter, holds lots of knives and does not take up as much room as the slanted version. It is also very easy to clean as the accordians pull out, they gets washed and put back in.
  14. I am baking a birthday cake for my mother's 87th birthday this weekend. I have pulled out "Baking" and have narrowed down my choices between "Black and White Chocolate Cake" and "Devil's Food White out Cake". Many pages ago I read the comments regarding "Devils Food White Out Cake". Has anyone made this since or has anyone made the "Black and White" Comments would be appreciated.
  15. Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, but I always do "make ahead mashed potatoes" Recipe found here http://recipes.egullet.org/recipes/r743.html I leave out the horseadish if I am doing turkey, but always put it in to serve with roast beef. These potatoes are delicious and can be done the day before. It takes all the stress away from doing the potatoes at the end. The only thing is you must have enough oven space to warm them up. Have them at room temp before you put them in the oven. I find they take longer than 30 minutes to reheat - more like 45. My entire family has become a convert to these potatoes for special gatherings, and they are the only ones wanted!
  16. We have been looking at the menu for Avenues. Does anyone know what the price fo the tasting menu is?
  17. Yes, the day after Thanksgiving is crazy busy, with huge sales -- sort of like Boxing Day in Canada. Look for ads in the Tribune and Sun-Times, if you're into that sort of thing. For kitchen stuff, your hotel is walking distance from a Williams-Sonoma store on North Michigan Ave and a Sur la Table store on E. Walton, but I don't know what kind of sales they'll be running. ← Thanks Alex. I will definately check out SLT and WS.
  18. The recommendations above were for the OP, who was looking specifically for a place open late. Without that restriction, you can literally go anywhere on Friday Nov 24; just about every place will be open. Recommendations? There are SO many places. Thinking specifically in terms of places within walking distance of your hotel, you have the splurge category (Avenues, Tru, NoMI), contemporary American (Aigre Doux, Naha), Italian (Coco Pazzo Cafe or, for a longer walk, Cafe Spiaggia or Coco Pazzo), seafood (Shaw's Crab House, Hugo's, Fulton's), and lots of steakhouses. Nov 23 is indeed our Thanksgiving holiday, and if you're not familiar with it, it is a MAJOR holiday. Most restaurants are closed, and many of the few that are open offer a special dinner featuring roast turkey. See this topic for links to an article and listings for restaurants open for Thanksgiving. Places within walking distance of your hotel include Vermilion (a great choice), the Lobby/Avenues (expensive but great), the Signature Room (at the top of the John Hancock Building - fantastic view, known also for mediocre food), Lawry's, Viand (in your hotel, I think), Coco Pazzo Cafe, Fulton's, David Burke's, and Bistro 110. ← Fabulous suggestions. I think we will look for something more traditional for Friday night if that is the TG holiday and other places are closed. We will look to see what is open. Perhaps something in the "splurge" category mentioned by nsxtasy. Question - what are Frontera Grill & Topolobampo like? We have little opportunity in Canada for good Mexican food, so I am thinking I may like to try this. Another question - off the food topic if you don't mind. We are flying blind in the hotel category. Many that we tried are already booked for Saturday night, so the options were more limited. Any experience with the Courtyard Marriot Magnificent Mile. Location is a prime consideration for us - we want central as we are walking or cabbing. It is 165 E. Ontario Street
  19. My husband and I have a two night stopover in Chicago Nov 23 and 24. We are staying downtown and are looking for suggestions of where to eat. We are staying (I think) at the Courtyard by Marriot - 165 E Ontario Street. We don't mind a walk or a short cab ride. I know Nov 23 is US Thanksgiving, so that may be a bad day to arrive, but that is how it worked out. We have never been in Chicago before and aside from the obvious Alinea and Charlie Trotter's we know nothing about the restaurants. Price range - not anything specific, a variety would be nice.......... I would love some suggestions.............................
  20. I can add my vote for the baby back ribs. I buy them in the Vancouver downtown store, and they are fabulous. Very, very meaty.
  21. I agree - We have a weekend pied a tier in the upstairs condo and often go to Azia for a bite to eat. Love the restaurant - a nice mix of cuisines - all well executed - and some are on small plates so you can try more items. Excellent value for money. My hubby is in love with the sushi.
  22. Yes, that is Gramma's Pub. Good pub food, outstanding views.
  23. Here are some suggestions for eating on the Sunshine Coast: Spence's in Sechelt - A new restaurant, but very good reports. Hi end. The Upper Deck - at Secret Cove marina - a view second to none - the upper part of the store. Make reservations, popular. Rockwater Cafe - review above Wheatberries - a new spot in Gibsons - very much fashioned after the "Bread Garden". salads great bread, paninis, great coffee, wraps, etc. The Old Boot - Italian in Sechelt. One of the brothers to open soon in Gibsons. Leo's - Greek in Lower Gibsons Gramma's Pub - Lower Gibsons - fabulous view over the Sound and North Shore mountains, docks and marina. Good pub food. Gumboot Cafe - in Roberts Creek. An institution. Moved next door - about 1 1/2 years ago - from the site of the "old" cafe to where the "Creekhouse Restaurant" used to be. Truffles Cafe - Lower Gibsons. Small cafe, great muffins, lunches. Locals love it. Homecooking, reasonable prices. The SC is not Vancouver for good eats, but not exactly a "bleak wasteland". You can do much better than Pizza Hut in IGA.
  24. Congratulations to you for having as your goal "home cooked" fresh food for your seniors. This is a topic that is near to my heart as my mother just moved into an assisted living facility. While the facility is quite nice, the food is definately sub-standard, despite many, many complaints by the residents. The problems are typical, I think......not enough fresh veg (mostly frozen), alot of pre-prepared foods (chicken cordon blue from a box), dry overcooked fish and tough meat. Your goals are admirable. We must remember that the quality of the food for seniors is very important. There needs are not "gourmet", but as meal time is a high point of their day, it is important that it is tasty and well prepared.
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