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  1. have got a great recipe somewhere for a German style apple pie/cake with marzipan. And for a Norwegian three-layer coffee cake with a layer of apples and a cinammony crumble topping, do PM if you'd like them.

    I would love the recipes, but in my ignorance I don't know how to PM anyone. Instructions? :shock: Thanks

  2. We have been forced to pick all our apples and pears before the neighbourhood bear ate them up. :angry: The result is I have a major surplus on my hands. So far I have come up with:

    Apples - apple pie, apple sauce. I am also going to try Mamster's quick puff pastry for an apple galette of sorts.

    Pears - pears and mango chutney, spiced pears.

    Any suggestions as to what else I can do? Favourite recipes?

    I would be most grateful.

  3. I also find it interesting that the A-C Stainless Roasting pan has NO CLADDING and buckles when you use it to make a pan sauce

    Tim - I have the SS All Clad roaster - large one and the petite. I have used them on a number of occassions to make a pan sauce, after roasting I take the pan and its contents out of the oven, remove the piece of meat that has finished roasting to rest, put the roasting pan over two burners on my electric stove, deglaze and finsih the sauce. I have done this for three years on the largest one and have no problem.

    All Clad has a life time guarantee - perhaps if you have had this experience you should have the piece replaced.

  4. I have heard varying pieces of advice about putting All-Clad in the dishwasher so I haven't. What is your advice? Can you put All-Clad in the dishwasher?

    I think that the answer to this question depends upon the line of ALL CLAD that you have. To my knowledge the only line that they say you can put in the dishwasher is the stainless steel line.

  5. I agree that the Gourmet Warehouse is a great place to buy cookware. I purchased several pieces of All Clad there at prices far below other retail outlets in Canada. I also have purchased new All Clad from EBAY at unbelievably low prices. You have to be patient until something comes up that you want, but that is half the fun. The ALL CLad roaster is fabulous. I don't know how extensive the current selection of ALL CLAD is at the GW. The last few times I was in there they seemed to be carrying less and less of it, but it is worth a look.

    If you haven't already ready the egullet piece done by Kinsey http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...17&hl=saucepans , I would suggest you do so. It is a very informative piece and will give you an idea of what fits into your cooking style, budget and time.

    I would second the notion not to purchase a "set". Different kitchen applications need different cooking surfaces. Have a good think about the type of cooking you do and purchase good pieces as you can afford them. I love my stainless steel All Clad, but I do not use it for everything. I still regularily use my grandmothers cast iron skillet as well as the ALL CLad non stick pan.

    My ALl Clad stainless is by far and away the best of stainless pots/pans I have ever owned. Nothing sticks or burns compared to cheap sets.

    I know that stainless steel not as good a heat conductor as copper, but for me it is a trade off between that and dishwasher compatability. My life style is not condusive to the labour instensity that copper demands. Having said that one of these days I will purchase ONE super duper copper pan.

    Have fun making your purchase :smile:

    PS. I don't know if I posted the link properly as I have never done this before. If it doesn't work perhaps someone with more skills than I can do it again.

  6. Just a bit more info. I was really rushed when I did my earlier post.

    If you are staying in Egmont the Ruby Lake Resort is probably the best bet for dinner Saturday night as it is the closest.

    The Blue Heron Inn is probably the best restaurant iin Sechelt. When it is good, it is very good. However, my experience is sometimes it does quite fire on all cylinders. If you get the chef on a good night you will be happy with your esperience, if you get a bad night, you will be wondering why you went.

    However, the distance between Sechelt, Roberts Creek and Gibsons is not great, so you can really choose whichever one you want.

    Also in Egmont there is a wonderful knife maker. Any local can give you directions. He has a shop where he makes custom knives to order. He ships them all over the world, and has about a one year waiting list. He is great for sharpening knives your knives as well. Very reasonable prices - $2 - $3 per knife and the sharpest knives I have ever worked with.

    Enjoy your weekend :smile:

  7. I live on the Sunshine Coast and here would be my picks:

    Blue Heron Inn - on Porpoise Bay, just outside of Sechelt. Great views, great food.

    Creehouse Restaurant - Roberts Creek. Great food, run by a French chef and his wife. Probably the best food the SC. Atmosphere of dining room only OK.

    Ruby Lake Resort - Italian food on Ruby Lake. Wonderful food and setting.

    Opa Restaurant - Gibsons - for Japanese food and a wonderful view over Gibsons harbour.

    New Orleans Restaurant - newly opened up in Lower Gibsons. Only ate there once - last Friday. You can sit out on the balcony and have a view over Howe Sound and the Mountains. I had the crab cake starter and the catfish main. They were fabulous.

    Enjoy your stay. :smile: The Sunshine Coast is a very special place and I feel lucky to be able to live here.

  8. Here's a simple one from another rum company that's pretty good.

    One box yellow cake mix

    1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts

    1 small package instant vanilla pudding

    4 eggs

    1/2 cup cold water

    1/2 cup oil

    1/2 cup dark rum

    I know a cake mix on Egullet is probaoby sacreligious, but I love this cake, and so has any guest I have ever served it to. No one knows it is a mix unless you tell them.

    I NEVER used a cake mix, thought they were unpaletable, until I had this cake.

    It must be all that rum! :biggrin:

  9. Israeli Couscous Risotto added to RecipeGullet. It was really good

    Thanks for the recipe. I love Israeli couscous and make it often. I made a batch of chicken stock over the weekend, so guess what I am having for dinner. :biggrin:

  10. Since you live in Canada check out the great Vancouver cheese shop Les Amis Du Fromage. They ship (I think) and have a vast array of Canadian and imported cheeses, including raw milk cheeses imported from France.

    The web site is http://www.buycheese.com/. The shop is run by some very helpful people. If you do not have a local cheese monger I would call their toll free phone number and find out about their shipping prices and policies. I have bought cheese from them for years and they are extremely knowledgable and helpful.

  11. I love quality cheese - any kind - mild, ripe, stinky, runny, hard. This is not an extravagance, but an essential part of eating. :biggrin:

    I used to have a very sweet tooth and loved dessert. Now, I would rather have a lovely cheese tray to end a meal than something sweet.

    In Vancouver we are blessed with Les Amis du Fromage. This is one of the best cheese shops I have seen ANYWHERE. The two women who run it are mother and daughter and are very knowledgable.

    I have never had it shipped as I live locally, but the web site says they ship anywhere in Canada. http://www.buycheese.com/.

  12. 24 hours after I put my very first batch of onion confit ala woodburner, the onions are a beautiful brown but sitting a pool of liquid

    I used 1/4 cup evoo, 1/4 cup butter, 1/4 cup homemade beef stock. The crock pot was about 3/4 full of onion to start with. My crock pot is about 30 years old so the only settings are lo, high and off. During the 15 hours of cooking I alternated between lo and high and lid on and off. I found that I had to leave it on high with the lid off to get the liquid absorbed.

    After 15 hours in the crock pot I was not happy with the "crunch" so I dumped them into a cast iron pan along with some b/vinegar, brown sugar and my husband's left over vintage port :shock: . I cooked them another hour or hour and half and they came out beautifully.

    Next time I think I will forget the c/pot and just use my cast iron skillet. ALthough the advantage of the c/pot is that it cooks while you sleep.

  13. I have had BWJ for some time and have read it cover to cover. Inspired by this thread I decided to try the Rustic Potato Loaf.

    I used quick rise yeast instead of the traditional, because that is what I had in the house. Overall I was pleased with the results. Next time I would make sure that the seam was more in the middle of the dough before cooking, so the finished product would look at bit better. Also I would cut down on the salt a bit - either in the cooking water for the potatoes, or the bread, as I found it a tad salty for my taste.

    It is a very soft. easy dough to work with that produced a fine loaf in a very short time.

    Thanks for starting this thread and thanks to gsquared for the lesson in how to post pictures in the Tips and Techiques thread.

    Here is the bread after the rise, but before baking


    Here is the bread after baking:


    Cut open:


  14. Can you explain, what you consider "bite"?

    The onions were not totally soft. They still had a bit of a crunch to them even though they looked soft - and this was after 15 hours in the c/pot. However, after another hour stove top as well as cooking in the tart, they were soft as can be.

  15. Inspired by this thread I made my onion confit in the crock pot. This morning with some left over puff pastry, cream and bacon in the fridge, I made a variation of an Onion Tart.

    When the onions cooked in the crock pot they ended up with a bit of a bite, not totally soft. I further cooked them stove top adding some balsamic vinegar, port, thyme and brown sugar.

    I hope this works as it is my first attempt at posting an picture.


    That was two hours ago and it is now all eaten :biggrin:

  16. This is what it looked like the second time. This time, I left the slow cooker on high for the first 8 hours. After that I turned it down to low. All in all, it took about 15 hours for it to come to this consistancy. I did stir it every now and then.

    Marlene - did your onions go totally soft in the c/pot, or did they still have a bit of a bite to them?

  17. I did a batch of onion confit in my 30 year old crock pot (blazing orange on the outside, chocolate brown interior). The taste was wonderful (butter,evoo, condensed homemade beef stock). However, I was disappointed because after 15 hours in the c/pot they still had a bit of a crunch to them. Yes, they looked lovely, all brown and gooey, but they weren't super soft. :hmmm:

    Any ideas what happened?

    I have always used a method similar to schneich. I think I will go back to that.

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