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  1. Fellow foodie and Yoga enthusiast here. Gotta balance out all of the meals. I hope to get some good ideas of new restaurants to check out and write about. I am starting with sandwiches and gonna work through some of the menus at my favorite restaurants for ya. I am kind of limited on Yelp but have been reviewing on their for a while. I hope I can share some of my local spots and other culinary treats I may find along the way.
  2. I Had the ultimate. The "Italian" at Mendocino Farms in West Hollywood. Yum I love this place. They even smoke their own pastrami. I have not tried the Pastrami Yet but I am sure looking forward to it. Talk about it fellow foodies. Also, Bottomless grape lemonade and super cool vibe at the place. Check it out. I will follow up on the pastrami some other day. Can't wait.
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