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  1. thanks! whole foods was out of prime rib so we are doing a tenderloin and pots de creme tonight, hoping for a truly sublimes expire on the dessert. hopefully the sparkling wine won't make me forget to take pics!
  2. Thanks for the welcome! The countertops are still in progress (I would have thought that "measure twice, cut once" would be a marble fabricator's motto, but who knew), but here are a few pics of the new toys pending finalization. Counters are all standard height. Oven installation day: Steam oven in action (can do temps from 85-435, humidity from 0-100%, and it has a convection function). Cooked a chicken from frozen in 1:30 (100% humidity, 145 degrees), perfectly juicy. Skin needed crisping with the searzall: A few things on the cooktop (zoneless Gaggenau, which I completely love): Will try a prime rib on NYE - sous vide style in the steam oven. Can't wait!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm a passionate home cook (and eater) who's lurked on and benefited from the sous vide thread for years. I am just completing a dream kitchen remodel, complete with a combi steam oven (miele), convection oven, and induction cooktop. Hoping to find a group of like-minded enthusiasts who are committed to delicious experimentation and deepening our understanding of these new technologies.
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