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  1. At home, with a pizza peel, I've literally lifted them up so the sugar touches the broiler flame.
  2. kuan

    Nut Crusts

    Hi Wendy, didn't know you were just hanging out here :) I've never had good luck with nut crusts where you have to bake them again after you blind bake them once. IMO nut crusts are only good after you blind bake them and dump in ganache or something and let it sit in the fridge. To release cheesecakes, warm the bottoms gently. If this doesn't work it means your butter has gone somewhere else. :)
  3. I knew this one guy who cooked for a frathouse. Every day at 2pm he would set up his cot in the kitchen and set the timer for 1 hour. :)
  4. kuan

    Frenching a Chicken

    It's OK. Just remove the bone splinters and next time cut it closer to the knuckle. Use the heel of the knife to do this. Keep your wrist and elbow firm and give it a good effort using your shoulder.
  5. kuan


    Yes! You beat me to it. Then bone-in Veal Rib Chops.
  6. Toss in a packet of instant Tapioca pudding mix and see how that works.
  7. You have to visit Mirabelle. Jack Kostrub, the owner, is a former pastry chef at the Ritz Carlton. He is the sole "owner" of Mirabelle. There is no Art Mart involvement. Try the strudel which is not, as in most places, made from phyllo dough. You will notice that it's thicker but more tender. For a hearty meal, visit the Bayern Stube in Gibson City. Prices are very decent. For the cost of a meal at the Olive Garden you can have pretty authentic German food. This being the month of Oktober, you might find it worthwhile to make the trip out. It's a 30 minute drive North of Champaign/Urbana. Great atmosphere, good Accordian Oompah player on weekends, and lots and lots of beer. Closed Mondays.
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