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  1. Here is a set of butts in charcoal version SRG (Smoker, Roaster & Grill Big Easy) Here is the charcoal SRG, two modified SRG's and the Pellet SRG all cooking butts for church Here is one of the butts chopped up ready for serving
  2. Hi all, new to this forum but old dog when it comes to posting on cooking forums. Name is Tommy and I'm known on other forums as Mr. Big Easy & was a guest chef for their forum. Been cooking and learning about these units since 2007. I even cooked in backyard comps with these units and finished high as 4th over all . I wanted to give ya' background of who I am so I can post pictures and learn from y'all. Here are a few cooks under my belt
  3. Hi all, my name is Tommy but my call sign is TMB. Been cooking with CharBroil's Big Easy now for 7 years and I invented the Tommy Ring that is used by many folks in their Big Easy cookers. I also built a charcoal version and a pellet grill version of what is known as the SRG (largest Big Easy) I have modified all my cookers to cook better and would love to show them off Look forward to spending time here learning on what y'all have been doing with Big Easy's
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