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  1. Thanks, Kerry! Very true, Darienne! My coworkers hate me at times!
  2. Hi everyone! I just found these forums about 2 weeks ago while searching for ways to improve my holiday chocolates! Oh, how I wish I had found them sooner! I'm new to baking, having discovered a passion for it a few years ago while helping my sister-in-law make cookies. I made hundreds of cookies for a couple of years, and then discovered chocolates! Every year, I try to outdo myself somehow. The first year, I just made hand-dipped truffles; the second, I used more molds; and last year I added in polycarbonite molds and transfer sheets. This year, I'm planning on trying my hand at colored cocoa butter, and crossing my fingers that it's not a complete disaster! I've taken a few culinary classes at the community college I work for, and I now help a friend in her home-based bakery. I've no idea where this will lead, but I'm happy at the moment to just claim it as a well-researched and expensive hobby!
  3. Mjx, I have used such molds with fondant when working on cakes. I make sure the fondant isn't too sticky once I've worked it, then use a little bit of cornstarch on my fingers as I push it into the mold (confectioners sugar would work too). Squish the fondant down in the mould, use an offset spatula to slice off any excess by running it along the top of the mold, and then use your finger to pull any frayed fondant back into the mould. Hope that makes sense!
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