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  1. So... digging through the depths of my liquor cabinet I came across some very old little bottles, some of which may have belonged to my South African grandmother -- all of them look pretty old. As I'm relatively new to spirits, I was hoping that the connoisseurs could help me identify these; firstly, so that I don't serve/drink a compromised product, and secondly, so that I can isolate anything of value. (I don't want to guzzle a winner!) Any help is much appreciated! Many thanks! And without further ado, here's the line-up (from left to right, pic below): Trinchieri Triplo Secco, Trinchieri Doppio-Kummel, Haig's Gold Label Blended Scotch Whisky, Old Master Old Brown Sherry, John Dewar & Sons White Label Scotch Whisky.
  2. Hey! I'm a food-and-drink-loving newb hailing from Sydney, Australia. Looking forward to future discussions as part of your spirited community!
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