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  1. Scottish nibbles!

    hi all, i'm doing some food for a buffet at my friends 60th birtday party. with her being super scottish i could do with some ideas. i've got haggis sausage rolls in my scopes so far
  2. HELP! Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

    will check them out. i've got some chestnuts that i'm gonna do with brussels. i'm thinking may be cranberries with them for some reason. might of been a dream i had but i think it'll work
  3. HELP! Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

    hi folks. anyone got any good ideas for a veggie xmas? cheers
  4. Food fetish fun

    not at all!! speaking of which, what other foods 'mature' over time? leftovers always seem to take on their own distinctive flavour and sometimes it can be better than when first cooked.
  5. growing coriander/cilantro

    chers everyone. there's no way i'm growing outside. i'm in the middle of england! whats your 'other way', cave?
  6. growing coriander/cilantro

    i've had a few plants now that i've bought from supermarkets and they've always died within a week or so. it only happens with coriander and flat leaf parsley. they're always indoors and get may enough sun light. anyone got any ideas? should i just start from seed? cheers
  7. Food fetish fun

    might be why i like it. just adds a bit of heat without affecting the flavour. i'm a bitof a newb so i'm sure i'll get onto something else with a bit of flavour. what would you suggest chilli wise? powder form so i can quickly chuck it on sarnies, etc
  8. Food fetish fun

    anyone one go through phases of being totally addicted to a certain ingredient and having to put it in everything? or having the same dish over n over? i can't stop making scrambled eggs at the moment. and i put cayenne in EVERYTHING!! such an amazing flavour. i'd put it on my cornflakes if i wasn't too busy eating scrambled eggs!!
  9. What to do with cod skin

    less likely to dry up this way? i've got some playing to do
  10. What to do with cod skin

    cheers. i've frozen them but reckon i'll do the blanching and two tray oven thing. will let you all know how it goes
  11. What to do with cod skin

    no pics, sorry. about 2 mm. if that. blanch for a few secs?
  12. What to do with cod skin

    i'm a totall newb. blanching for a few seconds?
  13. What to do with cod skin

    and have as a garnish? would do but i'm at the in laws and she's not on with deep frying.could it be shallow fried with with plenty of oil?
  14. What to do with cod skin

    hi all. doing a cod fish cake and i've got the skin left over but don't want it to go to wast. any ideas? cheers