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  1. Thank you much. ... I will call first thing on Monday
  2. HEY KERRY any idea where i may find one?
  3. Well... I'm not that handy....BUT.... there is a place near my home that sells aluminum and food grade metal. and they do cuts and dril. Problem is that if you look at YouTube video you will see that there is not only a hole but an indentation so the plate would sit on the truffle with max contact. Otherwise i would cut and dril it my self. Monday i will order box of truffles and rake a tray to this place to make sure they cut and drill it correctly
  4. Thats correct tri2cook. However. I did see it somewhere for like 40.00. I agree that 65.00 with 25.00a is a great deal. In fact i cant find anything less then this price . Saying this, I amm more interested in filling tray though.
  5. Hi all. I am looking for Dark Chocolates Truffle Shells. I was able to find some at AUI, Qzina and some other places. However i'm looking for a best price. so far, Qzina is the lowest at $65.44 per case of 504 (in US) plus flat $25.00 for shipping any size order. Needless to say I am looking for a lower price. Can anyone help? Also, I am looking for a Filling Tray.... the only one i was able to find in US so far is at AUI. However, 193.56/EA is a little to steep for me.... or a lot steep. This is nuts... a small sheet of steal with halls in it for so much money. i know f
  6. Hi Kerry,,,, what kind of Indian spice grinder are you using?
  7. thank you green-mint blue-rum red-cherry gold on dark chocolate- hazelnut tan-amaretto
  8. I JUST LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!! but,,, jokes aside... this is the only place i have been able to find where people will help without being A@@'s thank you for that to all of you who are reading and helping us little people thank you this is some of my work with help from people here:
  9. sigh..... you can kill me later or i will hide
  10. sigh.... now that lots of people knows how to do it... it's going to be very hard to kill them all. LOL nice job pastrygirl. do you mind if i ask you how much "(about)" you charge per candy? just trying to find out the range spread great job kerry Beal giving step by step ... thank you both
  11. HEY KEYCHRIS...... DON'T TELL THEM ANYTHING.... its will be OUR secret LOL
  12. This is interesting.... They are transparent even if you add chocolate ? Can you tell me who much TD do you add?
  13. Hi Kerry, I see that your ingredients make up more then 10% of CB. does that make your colors thick? Have you made any green CCB? if yes,,, can you post ingredients please? Plus,. can you tell me if your colors are opaque or translucent? By adding chocolate is it safe to assume that colors are opaque? sorry for machine gun questions
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