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  1. quick update on chef tom greene: Last August/2009 he was giving the '''sanatation/handlers course now mandatory in Quebec, he was quite interesting and had lots of stories of his chef years.
  2. I am not depending on a book like this, however working in this field and wanting to keep on top of the trends etc. you do need to buy books constantly or you would become stale very fast. Reference books have always and will always be welcome in my library for as long as I will be working. I think the reason why the book doesnt work me me, is I`ve been doing this for so long that I have my basics down, and dont see them in ratios, but rather grams and ounces, so when I tried to do some figuring out I wasnt coming up with the right amounts. This is not a personal attack of the book, but rather a personal opinion.
  3. I think you are maybe too closely tied to the book to make a fair assesment of the book. I am not saying its not good for someone who is just starting out, but for a reference book,that you need to depend on at times it could be better.
  4. I happen to agree with Jamesbchef, I gave the book a try and ended giving it away, I need a reliable reference book sometimes at work, not something with errors.
  5. I was wondering if someone could help, i made 16 lemon meringue pies for the tournament supper using Italian meringue as usual, and this time it was weepy and not staying in place. Any thoughts as to why, and could the humidity in the walkin have something to do with it? thanks
  6. rocler


    are you able to get alot of cooking magazines with the kindle?
  7. I have app. 95 minus Ratios which i just gave away out of frustration. I do however have the complete series of magazines from 2000 to today from Cooks Illustrated, and also the same from Cusine At Home. As i work in the food services, i am constantly buying books, and keeping the ones that interest me and passing the rest on, so the count keeps going up and down.
  8. you mentioned pickles, what type dill , sweet etc?
  9. thanks all for the imput. i am chef at a golf club and on mens league night, from time to time i make muffeletta and it is a big seller, its just to get them to try these new things once .
  10. i studied it for a week, every chance I got, am totally confused by it all, and have passed it on to someone else hoping they will be able to get what i couldn`t from it.
  11. I would like to make a really good shrimp po boy sandwich to use as a daily special once in awhile. Being canadian its not something we see on menus here so could you people familar with this give me some tips on dos and donts, and also maybe a recipe
  12. i use arborio, thicken with yolks, and add a few scoops of really good vanilla ice cream while its cooling down, theres no chalky taste in mine
  13. I know this is not mass produced and i think this strictly "Quebec", sucre a creme. mmmm
  14. Hi guys: Im a first time poster, and I was wondering if anyone remembers "The Kon Tiki" it was downtown near Simpsons strore but not on St. Catherines, and i think it was in a hotel? I remember going there a few times and they served fancy drinks And also does any one remember Di llalos in ville emard on the corner of Monk. I believe that was the original one before they started opening up other ones. I realize that could not be considered up there in the great dining catagory but those burgers were soo good... especially the "buck burger" all dressed with hot peppers
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