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    Cheers folks - thanks for the welcome!
  2. Hi folks! I'll make this quick - I eat everything, I cook everything, and I'm interested in everything. I have an obsession with trying everything as well. If there is 50 different foods on at a buffet, I want to be eating 50 foods. I'm also a junky for my sous vide. I put everything in it. When the weather gets colder, my underpants are going in. And I like pretending I'm a chemist when I do it. Lab coat and thick rimmed glasses and everything. I'm considering writing a sous vide blog, but I don't think anyone would ever read it. I half-trained to be a chef, but wussed out 6 months in to my NVQ level 3, and opted for an easy life in FM instead. I still pretend I'm a big TV chef whenever I'm daydreaming though. Since getting my sous vide (seriously - I wont shut up about it, so you will need to get used to it), I really feel the need to start experimenting with my cooking properly and creating things for myself... And here we are.
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