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  1. Thank you all. I read all the comments and gave them appropriate consideration. I especially liked the link and the post #8 by ChrisTaylor. I was going to buy a mix of the 2 former but I was let down when I got to the liquor store of where I hang out these times (I live in a metropolis and I like to go almost at the border of the metropolitan area). Where I live all alcohool are supervised by the state but beside markets and corner stores, with few selection, people go to state liquor stores and they are quite popular. The one where I was is the 4th grade on 5 ; as I live in the metropolis, it's not hard to get to the 1st grade store. Anyway there was little selection with only 3 vermouth, 2 single malt whiskey, and most vodkas with design bottles, which I'm prejudiced against ; you know what I can go to a dollar store and get a couple postcards if I have a fix for nice things to look at. I was going to give up and I got back in and bought a bottle of Glenlivet 12 yrs ; it was 50% more than I wanted to spend on a bottle but I figured I'll just buy a bigger bottle of vermouth and drink more of that when mixing ; well maybe not mixing, I'd start with the nice thing then move on to the cheaper stuff when I'd get fuzzy. I'm glad I read you suggestions or I might have ended buying sub-par liquor and be disappointed. Update 1: The rhum bottle I had before starting this thread is Appleton Estate V/X.
  2. As this is my 1st post, I'll make the customary: Hello, glad to be here. *smile* I'm not much of a drinker but a few weeks ago I bought myself some rhum. Now I'm thinking of making myself some manly cocktails in the once a month or so times I drink. So I'm wondering what 3 other bottles I'll get ; I may get a 4th extra one (so 5 total) of it really make my selection better. I'm thinking to get for a 2nd spirit some Mezcal, it doesn't have to be that but it was my 1st thought. Now to make the cocktails, many of manly recipe suggest bitters and vermouth. Some thinks that caught my interest: Curaçao, Campari, Brandy. Thank you kindly for your feedback, and preferably that come with a thoughtful suggestion.
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