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    Blood Emulsification?

    Thanks. So the coagulated proteins don't add any good, distinct flavour or texture to the sauce?
  2. My name is Jason and I have been a full time restaurant employee for 25 years. I started in the back of the house where I spent 12 years line cooking and managing. After a brief stint as a bartender I moved to fine dining serving and have been there ever since. I love to cook at home and right now am trying to add some advanced techniques to the organizational skills I developed while working on a line. My current cooking interests include brining, curing, and smoking meat, simple bread recipes, vegetarian meals, and I am also experimenting with my new sous vide machine. I am looking forward to becoming art of the community here and hope I can contribute as well as learn. Thanks, Jason
  3. Hello. I'm new to this forum and to emulsions. I've made a few dressings lately, but that's about it. After doing some short ribs in the sous vide machine I was wondering if it is possible to make an emulsion of the blood you strain off the ribs by adding a little egg or mustard and using butter as the fat. And if not, what is the blood lacking that prevents this process? Thanks in advance. Sorry if this is a ridiculous question. Jason
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