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  1. I recently purchased a VP112 and have been thoroughly impressed. It fits on a kitchen counter (home use) and I have used it a lot more than I thought I would at first. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a home unit.
  2. I hate the glass cutting board my wife insists on keeping on the counter. She cuts things on it using "her" knives and I pull my knives out along with a wooden cutting board when I am in the kitchen.
  3. My son asked me to cook him some ribs to take to work for a pot luck supper. Here are a few pictures showing the result. Smoking at 225 degrees. Rubbed with my homemade rub. Loaded in the BGE Finshed after 5 hour.
  4. Would cooking these rolls in the convection setting instead of the conventional oven setting produce a more even browning without me having to turn over the rolls half way through?
  5. My first attempt at crescent rolls.
  6. I will be giving some away. Thanks.
  7. I hope it is longer than that. I can't use 2 cups in 2 weeks.
  8. I am finishing a batch of this oil and am wondering why storage notes say it will keep two weeks in fridge. Surely this can keep longer than that. It is nothing more than crushed pepper and oil.
  9. Just a quick note to introduce myself. I am a self admitted foodie and look forward to discussing recipes and techniques. Mark
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