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  1. 2 hours ago, Shelby said:

    Did they taste like bacon?


    The crispy bits sorta did.  But wouldn't most 'shrooms fried till crisp get that way??  Next time I have portobellos I will fry pieces until crisp and see.

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  2. Did a quick sauté with a shallot and garlic.  I had read that if cooked till crisp they taste like bacon.  Decided not to do that with all of them, but the smaller bits in the pan did crisp up and were a nice contrast to the softer ones. 


    They were tasty and as with most mushrooms, a good meat substitute.  I tried them raw and they were awful--many sites said bitter, and I agree!






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  3. Saw these at local market not known for many culinary prizes...wasn't sure if they were a delicacy or a mushroom-gone-bad. 


    Señor Google says they are pink oyster 'shrooms. 


    Some sites say they taste bacon when cooked.  


    Vamos a ver.







    pink oysters.jpg

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  4. granoro.jpg.9c714ca03949b02258575fc2d8b1db06.jpg

    13 hours ago, Tropicalsenior said:

    Is that by any chance Roma? That's the only Italian brand that we can get here. If so, how did you like it?


    The brand is Granoro made in Bari, Italy.  We liked it a lot, soft and creamy.  



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  5. Gnocchi (store-bought Italian import) with grilled asparagus and a good quality Black Forest deli ham.  


    Mostly olive oil and pasta water for sauce, two pats of butter to finish.  Ton of fresh ground pepper.




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  6. 11 minutes ago, Smithy said:


    What a timely post! Last night we had perhaps the last of the season's corn on the cob. Some kernels were beginning to go dark with what's called "smut" around here. I noted that some folks think it a delicacy, but for the life of me couldn't remember the Spanish for it. Am I correct in thinking that's what Huitlachoche is?

    Yes you are right it is called corn smut.  Also known a corn fungus.....now a descriptor for it is, Mexican Truffle.  Oh so posh!

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  7. It's a madhouse as tomorrow is Día de Independencia; here "eves" are always when the celebrations take place.  Streets are already closed so vendors can set up tonight.  I went on a shopping walk through town (along with everyone else in town it seemed!), you can feel the excitement--people in such great moods, shouting to one another about their plans for the long weekend.  This is first Independencia celebration since the pandemic.  Lots of pentup demand.


    We will lay low for a few days and avoid the throngs...many Tapatíos (what people from Guadalajara proudly call themselves) flood into our village for holidays; others often go to Puerta Vallarta but there are storms brewing that may hit Saturday, so I think we'll get a larger crowd than usual. 


    Seared some sesame-coated tuna to make tacos with pickled red onions and cilantro--the colors looks very MXN for the holiday.  I use a schmear of wasabi mayo on the tortilla.  



    atún grilled.jpg

    atún taco.jpg

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  8. On 5/23/2022 at 3:27 PM, gulfporter said:

    2nd banana plant in bloom.  Just noticed it today, may be edible by late August??  The other plant has a much larger bunch and we **think** they may be edible in early July.  


    bananas 2nd bunch.jpg


    For whatever reason these bananas remained green thru today.  They are larger than most we get in our yard.  


    After a week of heavy rain (and a very wet monsoon season since mid-June) the weight of the fruit caused the plant to fall.  There were signs of 'lightening' of the green, which precedes ripening. 


    José our gardener cut the bunch and hung outside.  I am on Ant Patrol.   





    bananas green (1).jpg

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  9. Mi esposo likes to eat at 6; I prefer 7.  What time we eat dinner at home depends on who's doing the cooking 😉


    When we eat out we leave our home on foot at 6 and wander into town.  After making our choice of where to eat, by the time we get our food it's generally 7 o'clock.  


    We've been retired almost 20 years (from age 50); in our work years we never ate before 7, most often at 8 o'clock.  We also eat lighter at dinner nowadays.  When we worked, lunch for us was light. a piece of fruit for me between running errands on my lunch hour.  For him a pack or two of crackers or dried fruits & nuts between job sites.  


    Things change with retirement....we now prefer lunch to be our main meal.  

  10. Our local hospital food used to be great; a year ago this month mi esposo was there for 3 days and had chicken pipían, shredded beef tostadas and various frittatas and molletes for breakfast.  Sandwiches for lunch such as pierna (pork leg) on fresh bolillos (rolls) with fresh pico de gallo.  


    I was there overnight last month and got dry toast, watery oatmeal and a vegetable soup devoid of any seasoning. 


    Turns out the hospital hired a dietician a few months ago to cook "healthy" meals.  Prior to that you ordered off the menu from the small restaurant next door to the hospital.  


    Ah, progress??

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  11. Francisco's family owns a small coffee farm in Veracruz.  He brings beans roasted at the farm and also hand grinds beans for you.  I like his strongest beans finely ground and he has an electric machine to do that.  250 pesos per kilo for the 'muy fuerte y molido fino'; his whole beans sell for 230 pesos per kilo.  He parks his truck at the side of the road in Ajijic, Jalisco where we live.  


    He disappears for a few weeks when he sells out and returns to Veracruz to visit his family and load up.  




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  12. After a big lunch at a Jewish deli, we went light for dinner with avocado halves and a simple black bean and corn salad.  




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  13. Angel hair pasta with caramelized shallots tossed in olive oil, red pepper flakes.  Brown in separate pan: panko with crushed garlic.  Top the cooked pasta with the panko, zest of lemon.    


    We do a lot of last minute cold plates; usually have in fridge prosciutto, a few cheeses, assorted olives, mango chutney, Dijon.  If I plan ahead I will have fresh fruit and deviled eggs.  Serve with good crackers or sliced baguette (often have 1/2 baguettes in freezer).  

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