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  1. DarbyD

    Decaf tea

    I do think that people should be drinking more decaf tea. I myself used to drink tons of soda, coffee and non-decaf tea and every day, anytime I drank anything it would be like my body would require it to have caffeine in it. It was so hard for me to get myself out of drinking non caffeinated beverages. The process was horrible, I had headaches, I was cranky, I had bad withdraws, I wanted to have some sort of caffeine all the time, but now I do drink non-decaf tea, coffee and soda but I now drink A LOT of water. It seems like since I started drinking water, I have felt better! Well that's my opinion.
  2. Hello All! I am David Darby and I am the proud owner of Just Gourmet Foods which I use to post the food that I love online. I mainly try to post things related to Gourmet type of foods, but if I see it, like it, I will post it. Anyways I am looking forward to seeing what people are interested in, such as food related so I can provide new products for my customers and have great ones for the site. Thanks.
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