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  1. On Monday I made a vegetarian chili recipe that I picked up at a cooking class a few years back. I love all kinds of chili, the meatier the better, but this one makes a decent light meal.

    The strange ingredient that makes this work is zucchini. It really serves to take the place of the meat.


    This picture is actually from the last time I made this (my camera is packed away for my impending move to a new house), but it looked the same.

    The recipe (from my recollection at work) is as follows:

    medium diced onion

    cloves garlic

    1 can diced tomatoes

    2 cans black beans

    1 cup frozen corn

    1 diced red pepper (or green)

    2 zucchini diced

    2 cups vegetable stock or broth

    8 oz can tomato sauce (I used a roasted garlic one this last time)

    2 tbs chili powder

    2 tbs red wine vinegar

    1 tsp cumin

    1 tbs oregano

    Salt and hot sauce to taste

    Satuee onions, garlic until translucent

    Add red pepper and zucchini cook for 3 minutes

    Add tomatoes cook for three minutes

    Add rest of ingredients and bring to brief boil then simmer until ready to serve

    Very fast and hearty considering there is no meat.

  2. Another question ....is any other major US city expected to be rated next year

    In his online chat today, Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post said:

    A spokesman for Michelin informs me that Washington is on the guide's radar, but the next U.S. city to be covered will be San Francisco. Indeed, inspectors are eating their way through the city by the bay as I type.

  3. I have wifi and my laptop is usually set up in the kitchen.  My kitchen has a built in desk area so I can keep it away from flour and other flying food particles.

    I am getting ready to move into a new house and this is the set up I am planning.

    I still like the idea of having my recipes sitting in front of my eyes hanging from my cabinet (like this) but I am planning on making a searchable database of my recipes so I know what binder they are in.

    I also want to keep an easy to use spreadsheet to keep a running shopping list.

    Besides searching for recipes online, any suggestions for what else could I do on the laptop, kitchenwise?

  4. Ok, now I feel bad about posting those pictures after hearing your praise (thank you, by the way, I think I'm getting addicted to the support I get here on eGullet :smile:). Of course these are not the worst things I ever cooked, I'm just too embarrassed to save those on film for posterity :biggrin:.

    Here, I've rummaged through my computer and found this:

    This is an attempt to show one of my favorite breakfasts - buckwheat kasha (eaten hot).


    That didn't seem right, so I decided that a close-up will look more appetizing -


    Mmm... maybe not :biggrin:.

    OK - that truly does look nasty.

  5. I am heading there for the first time next week and am so excited! Has anyone tried the vegetarian tasting menu?

    I haven't done the tasting menu, but the one of the best dishes I've had there was a mushroom dish fordered off the veg menu. I can't imagine you can go wrong with it.

  6. So, what's new at Maestro?  Anyone have any experience lately?

    Who is currently number one in the D.C. area?

    I was last there in May, so I'm sure the menu has changed, but I am also confident that one thing hasn't - Maestro is the answer to your second question.

    It is plush and sophisticated and, most importantly, the food tastes good.

  7. ...yes the people I hung out with would eat a piece here or there of raw fruit but they always looked as us wierd for eating granny smith's raw...

    They thought eating a Granny Smith raw was weird? Like Busboy said... you just hooked up with some odd Americans :blink:

    That's my breakfast every morning. :raz:

  8. Mostly I must say that that plate looks like something that my cat might do after eating a small bird, a bunch of dry catfood, and perhaps an acorn or two topped off with some grass from the yard.

    As a matter of fact, she has done this sort of thing before, right in the middle of the floor, to prove her extreme dieting skills to me.

    I guess that might be considered "Regrettable Foods, Secondhand Division". Sigh.

    Actually I was thinking only of the potatoes. I actually thought the steak and chimichurri looked good. :hmmm:

    As a matter of fact the olive oil roasted blue fingerling potatoes with sea salt were very tasty too.

    Now I'm offended. :angry:

    My potatoes might look like I neutered a bunch of aliens, but my steak was good dammit. :laugh:

  9. It would be nice to see Maguy Le Coze finally get her third star for Le Bernardin. The only other restaurants I can think of that might compete for a three-star rating would be Masa and Babbo. If Thomas Keller was in the kitchen at all times I think Per Se would get three, but as it stands, I'd imagine they're looking at two. And ADNY has had too many staff changes recently to warrant three stars, even though I've heard that the current regime is worth of it. (Maybe in next year's edition?)

    I love Babbo, but there is no way it is going to get three Michelin stars. As we discussed at great length after Bruni's early review it is just not the right style to earn four NYT stars, much less three Michelin stars. That isn't what it aspires to be and unless I either misunderstand the Michelin system or they change their standards a whole lot for the US market aspirations and style mean a lot.

  10. Just stumbled on this thread - my favortie Thanksgiving re-imagining was last year cooking just for my wife any myself I made Turkey breast in the style of the Zuni Cafe chicken and served it with their bread salad in place of the stuffing. Nice change of pace.

    I'm still looking forward to the day I get to make a more elaborate dinner for my in-laws and see the looks of horror on their faces when the turkey is actually seasoned (unlike their bland, dry birds), much less "re-imagined".

  11. I'll play:

    What is up with the shiny ring of grease around the outside of the bowl and the strangely off colors? And that wasn't just the picture - it really did look like that.


    Does turmeric ever make anything more appealing?


    No - this turkey really isn't made out of rubber.


    Somehow the red food coloring works at Tandoori restaurants - not so much at home. Maybe on an Easter egg.


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