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  1. Hello! Does anyone here have experience in making caramelized sugar in large batches? I'm an ice cream manufacturer and our most popular flavor is salty caramel. Let me tell you how we make our caramel sauce: In 25 litre saucepan we put sugar + water + cream of tartar. We boil it WITHOUT stirring until the water evaporates and the temperature reaches 180 degrees celcius (356 degrees Fahrenheit) . We measure with digital probe thermometer. Then we drop butter in it and the worker starts stirring with a wooden paddle. It all starts to splutter and slop out of sausepan, it's pretty dangerous moment. Then, when it ends, we add cream and continue stirring. The caramel sauce is ready at this point. We make 240 kgs/ day. As our company grows, we need more caramel sauce. I'm looking for an industrial equipment that can help me upscale the production and make the process less risky, so not the worker, but the machine does all the stirring. Does such an equipment exist? What should I be looking for? Thank you.
  2. Caramel/Caramelized Sugar [MERGED TOPIC]

    Hi, what is the largest batch of caramel you've ever cooked? What was the method (dry/wet)? Thank you