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  1. Veil is closing this week, mostly. Last dinner service is Thu, 10/16. Last brunch service is this coming weekend. They're also open on 11/1 for "one last toast."
  2. The Dude & I went to Poppy last night. In a word - fabulous. For having been open to the public less than a week, there was lots to like and remarkably little to quibble over. The space is lovely - modern but still warm, and whoever designed it figured out that a room full of hard surfaces demands some acoustic accommodation. Service is attentive and the food itself shows that Jerry Traunfeld hasn't lost a step since he left the Herbfarm. A continued focus on herbs and spices coupled with spot-on execution seems like a can't-miss combination. The price point is reasonable, given the level of quality - we tallied up at about $80 per (after tax + tip), which included a cocktail, wine flight, starter, thali and dessert for each of us. Well worth it, IMO.
  3. Blackbird Bistro in West Seattle is closing tomorrow. The email said that another (currently confidential) concept will take over the space.
  4. Lunch slices? Sure, just when it won't be my neighborhood anymore (I quit!) ← I've driven by a couple of times in the afternoon, and if it's any consolation, this one looks like it will have evening hours only, like the other locations.
  5. Via Tribunali's Georgetown location is open, and packed. On 12th Ave S between S Harney & S Vale. Ish.
  6. Noise level? ← When I visited, it was about 1/2 full and quite loud. Another friend has been twice and also found the noise level to be louder than you'd like. I wouldn't let it stop me from going back in general, though - the food was fantastic.
  7. Can anyone recommend a bakery in Seattle that makes stellar angel food cake? I'd normally make it myself, but I need about 100 servings and I really won't have the time or resources to turn that out.
  8. A few (relatively) recent openings: Txori (by the same folks who brought us Harvest Vine). Small bites & drinks from Basque country, in Belltown. Ama Ama took over the old Ovio space in West Seattle. Also in the West Seattle Junction area, Shadowland (couldn't find a link). Small plates + entrees, 21+ over.
  9. I buy my pickling lime (aka hydrated lime) at McLendon Hardware. I've found it at the White Center, Renton and Kent locations various times across the years. And yep, it does keep my pickles crunchy!
  10. Yes, please report back on how this goes! I momentarily considered pursuing this idea when planning The Dude's and my wedding reception last year (we got married in Mexico, but had the reception here). Unfortunately, it didn't get past the early "ooh, this would be great fun" stages because of the spatial logistics in my neighborhood. But I'm still thinking about it for one of our block parties...
  11. LOVE Bakery Nouveau. I visited on their opening day and have been back at least once a week since. While some items stand out more than others, I truly haven't had anything there that I didn't enjoy, from the chocolates to the macaroons to the bread to the pastries and cakes to the pizzas and quiches. I'm not a big chocolate cake person, but their 3 layer chocolate cake is about as perfect a specimen as I've run across. Excellent ganache, moist cake, rich and sweet, but not too rich or too sweet. Last week, I tried their chocolate mint chocolate, expecting a mint extract flavor, but getting the distinctly just-picked, herbal taste of fresh spearmint. Oooh so tasty.
  12. Not an opening, but it looks like Matt's in the Market will be expanding soon. Matt's Expansion Blog
  13. What a fun list! You might also consider adding Osteria La Spiga - they're on temporary hiatus while they prepare to move over to 12th Ave, but are re-opening in early to mid-November.
  14. I enjoyed all the food I tried at both Lark and Cremant, but had a less-than-stellar service experience at Cremant. I'd definitely go back to Lark; haven't decided if I'll go back to Cremant yet.
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