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  1. Thanks Leslie. I'm trying to write up all the details about the pig slaughter event so I'll let you know when it's done.
  2. Hey guys. Just joined the forum after hearing Nathan Myhrvold mention on a Google talk. I'm pretty excited about discovering such a amazing resource. Here's my life story in one paragraph: Studied Engineering in Australia, then worked as an engineer for 2 years. Took all the money I saved and went traveling. Lived in Edinburgh for 2 years in a hostel. Rode my pushbike from Edinburgh to Spain. Currently living in Cádiz in the south of Spain learning flamenco guitar. On the first of September I go to Valencia for 2 weeks, then Nepal & India (not sure exactly where yet) for a few months before I go back home to Australia. If anyone thinks of anything food related that I have to try in Cadiz, Valencia, India, or Nepal, please tell me and I will be there for sure (if I can afford it). I would particularly appreciate any advice people have about India. Which area has the best food? What's the best way to go about learning to cook Indian cuisine? I've done a little searching through the forum and came across Nimmy and Paul, but apart from that I haven't found too much. If anyone knows of any threads that I should read, or has any recommendations for me, please let me know. My philosophy on food is that a paleo diet is the healthiest, but to me this is just a guideline. If I really feel like eating something in particular I do, otherwise I try to avoid grains and sugar that isn't in fruit or honey. If anyone is interested, the culinary highlights of my last 2 and a bit years of traveling Europe have been: The Borough Markets in London - best markets I've ever been to.The big market closest to Soulac Sur Mer (sorry for vague directions) - second best markets I've been to.Haggis - I made my own for shits and giggles. I wrote a blog post if you're interested in reading about it. (link my signature)San Sebastian - so much good food here that I bought 3 cook books while I was there (not good when you're backpacking). If you're on a budget, I think the cheapest Michelin star is lunch at Kokotxa.That crystal salted butter in France, either this one, or this one.Wine appreciation course I did in Edinburgh through the council. Cheap, fun, and gave me an appreciation for white wine that I never had before.Smokey #9 sandwich at Cafe Espresso in Edinburgh.Ortiguillas fritas - some kind of sea anemone coated in flour and fried in olive oil. Fucking delicious.Gambas al Pil Pil I had at Taberna Miguel in Estepona. I've been cooking this regularly ever since try to replicate it.The 4.5kg patilla de jamón de pata negra that I got when I moved to Cádiz - best €90 I ever spent.Balandro in Cadiz - best value for money I've had.Spanish Olives and Spanish Olive Oil - this was the first thing I tried when I got to Europe by chance. Even the cheap stuff is good. I like olive oil that is light on flavour and doesn't make you choke when you try it straight.Some weird street food I had in Brno that I think was basically potato noodles, bacon & sauerkraut. I've been a lover of sauerkraut ever since. If anyone knows the name, I'd love to know.Kantine in Berlin - hard to find, but good value.Andersons Honey. I think it was this one I had. I expected nothing because I reluctantly bought a jar at a convenience store on the north coast of the Scottish mainland (one of the most remote places I've ever been). But it was by far the best I ever had. The jar was gone in 2 days. I never saw it anywhere else.Mercado Central in Cadiz. I go here every day except Sunday (because it's shut). It has the best range of seafood I've ever seen in one place. Bigger than the fish market in San Sebastian (which is apparently supposed to be one of the best).Huevos rotos / estrellados. I saw this on Spanish Masterchef. It's been my go to lunch ever since. Calçots - Anthony Bourdain does a pretty good job of describing these here.I participated in La Matanza del Cerdo in Cataluña which translates to the killing of the pig. We made bull, butifarra bona, butifarra cuita, butifarra negra, and longanisa. Which all tasted better than any sausages I'd had before. This inspired me to the make haggis.This foie gras. Mind you, it is the only foie gras I've had.Lagavulin 16 whiskey - I don't like many whiskeys but the smokiness is intoxicating.If anyone knows of any recipes that I would probably love, please tell me, if I can I will definitely cook it. Edit: added the whiskey