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  1. What a fun thread. Thanksgiving Dinner is under control and I have had the most amusing break! First, my Mom hates cooking. She is pretty good at baking and has a couple dishes that are pretty good, but, basically she used a lot of canned soup, little seasonings, etc. One memorable dish was something she got from Weight Watches, back in the '70's called "Skinny Spaghetti". Take several cans of French style green beans, drain a little and place in a 13 X 9 pan. Cover with browned ground beef seasoned with a tiny bit of that dry minced onion and a little pepper dust. Cover with sauce, which i
  2. WOW, is this thread going to get my husband off my back or what? I only have about 1200 (maybe about 15 more than that) hardback and I have no idea how many paperbacks - those are mostly old and are in 3 huge Rubbermaid tubs awaiting me to figure out what to do with them. Most are upstairs on shelves, the ones I use a lot, about 20 are in the kitchen far from the stove area.
  3. Wasn't there an article in the NYT last year or the year before on how to cheat at Thanksgiving using all store bought stuff? And, she/he took a couple of store pumpkin pies and made something out of them? Some other kind of pumpkin desert, but, I can't recall all the details.
  4. My husband had a massive list of things he wouldn't eat and a taste for the bland. Wonder Bread, smooth peanut butter, no spices, etc. I thought, B___S___. I made what I wanted to make, and, told him, eat it or make a PBJ or something. And when we went out, I encouraged adventure.Maybe it finally hit him he was only screwing himself, maybe the it was the sight or smell, but, he began tasting. And, liking. After I had my MIL's cooking I understood why. The woman had 10 recipes when he was growing up. 2 for each night of the week that had a theme (chicken night, beef, etc. Her casseroles w
  5. Just watched the Minneapolis episode. One question? Where can I get a Tony Towel? Not sure what I would do with the Bobble Head, but, who knows?
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