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  1. Do you know the people behind the scene. I love lounges. As long as they can produce exceptional food and value it might be a venture looking full of success. I like LeBar Bat (Spell check?) as lounge, food, live music, Dj and a cigar lounge. No, quality of food quite a must (Superior). Well, what's the menu like at Taj? Will be in Taj this week and OTTO the next week. Prasad
  2. Will be checking out OTTO keeping South Indian in mind. Great idea.
  3. Suvir, what a loaded topic! Loaded topic is right. It certainly did move way ahead in the past decades. Well Tabla is all new but anything old or stereo type. A few steps at a time. The restaurants what Suvir have talked about have come far a head. If we have been to Diwan Grill, Tamarind, Tabla, Sapphire, Kishti, Salaam Bombay, Pondicheri (In the Past), Jewel of India, Shaan of India, Ada and Bombay Palace, these are places with ambience and service Most of the new trendy restaurants are breaking away the usual style and being creative. What is in your opinion a comforting atmosphere. You are absolutely right that there is more food than the usual chicken tikka masala. To be honest there is not even one good Moghlai restaurant giving attention to detail in service and atmosphere. Though it's hard to get away from the usual, it's important to explore the regional cuisine without sacrificing the loss of existing and potential clients. Prasad
  4. Well Suvir, I had hoped this never came up It certainly ai'nt Taj Lounge
  5. Suvir ! What a post. I have to take a deep breath before I can start somewhere on this topic. It should be very very interesting once we can get going. I will get back on this in detail ASAP, I promise. On an immediate note, something to watch in the coming days is Cinnamon Club. I had the pleasure of having lunch with the principle the other day. Investment and the theme and the success is something we will look forward. Edited undefined to Cinnamon Club. Prasad2
  6. "Andhra Patoli" A perfect 10..... P2
  7. International curry day sounds extremely good and interesting, in addition to Bhasim's may be we should include some indoor table games like carrom board.. etc I am a bit curious on VA... Suvir ?? P2
  8. A little research with my mom, I come with the following. Monica, you are almost there (as per my mom) Missing ingredients a) Onion b) Urad Dal c) Chana dal for tempering d) As an option garlic being used instead of ginger e) Black chana is typical in villages for better taste, yellow chana dal for better looks. Best done in a pressure cooker. 1. Soak dal overnight, drain and mix red chillies, jeera and a bit of salt. 2. Grind it to a coarse paste. 3. Place this mixture in a pressure cooker add a cup of water and cook 10 minutes. 4. Heat oil in a saute pan add chana dal and urad dal and as the lentils begin to crackle add cumin and mustard seeds, curry leaves, chopped green chilies, fine chopped onions and chopped garlic. Once the onions are cooked and the garlic turns to lightly brown add this mixture to the lentil puree, mix well, check the seasoning and leave it on a medium to low heat for three to five minutes or until most of the moisture evaporates. Chopped coriander as garnish is optional. Hope this was of help to you. P2
  9. Well, it sure should be titled (Murder Mystery) Recipe Mystery. Now I am eager and going thru all my notes on Andhra cooking and ingredients and recipes and have asked my mom to stay close to the phone. A PM should do the job. P2
  10. Which Recipe are we talking about ! or recipe's. P2
  11. Welcome David Suvir and Indiagirl explained it the best how ghee is prepared and used. Just to add to that my quote: What cream and butter does to french food, Ghee does that to Indian food. It brings in the richness to food with aroma, taste and textures. P2
  12. Thanks a lot , am going to try both wys, in newspaper and paper towel and a ziplog plastic bag P2
  13. Good luck. BTW what kind of restaurant in Spain and may be few lines on his menu. P2
  14. You are so right, it's not been the same without Suvir.
  15. Am just back from dinner. Roots on thyme, I do not remember, will check on it in the morning. As far as I remember I have not seen them with roots and I have not tried them with newspaper and will give it a try as well. Thank you so much, am a little despo tring to keep this thyme alive !! P2
  16. How do you keep fresh Thyme Fresh. Couple of days back I got some fresh Thyme. It was green and full of flavor. I left it in the same store package and refrigerated it and I took it out it was now almost black and not much flavor left. I got some more Thyme and this time after using it I re-planted it in some water, refrigerarted and when I re-used it this time, it was green but no flavor. Any suggestions??? P2
  17. prasad2

    Chicken Thighs

    Well, if you are looking non-Indian chicken legs you may ignore. I have used a cook book by Rocky Mohan "Art of Indian Cuisine" and here are some from his book. SINDI MURGH ADRAKI MURGH MURGH KASOORI METHI MURGH DHANIA MURGH PUDINA MURGH KAJU MURGH KALONGI MURGH ZAFRANI MURGH SHAKOOTEE MURGH KALIMIRCH P2
  18. Lobster with fresh coconut base like Gassi or Thoren would be great. My preference would be Gassi. P2 Prasad, I am doing a Gassi recipe for my new book, never thought of it with lobster.. sounds quite tempting. Maybe I can do four sections to the table and have it done by N W S E portions of India.... that would be quite unique dont you think? As I have mentioned earlier my preference with crab or lobster or prawns. If we can lets share the Malwani Masa recipe with Gassi. I think this gassi's flavor is so unique, can have it all day with some sliced red onion on side. Any day NWSE sounds very tempting. Looking forward for Malwani Masa ! I have tried it, thought the punch is missing, may be you can help me fill it. Thanks As Simon said about South Indian Style, Coconut and chilli is Gassi and as Monica you said Kokum or tamarind can be like Thoren. P2
  19. Lobster with fresh coconut base like Gassi or Thoren would be great. My preference would be Gassi. P2
  20. Give me the odds if they are a nickel or a dime. ANYTHING MORE THAN THAT COUNT ME OUT. Is anyone up for this mornings match Silanka Vs Aussies. I have about 18 to 20 guests coming in and I am working on some Goat Biryani.
  21. That's for Baseball and foot ball.
  22. Monica Thanks for the Hint In the past I have had done some Indian Rotizza. These are made out of Tandoori whole wheat rotis. Here are some I have tried and thought pretty interesting and even some Indian Bars should do these Rotizzas . All should have grated paneer with amchur or chat masala and choice of Makhni Sauce as well. 1. Roti Tikka - W/ Shredded Chicken Tikka or Tandoori Chicken 2. Roti Sausage - W/ Mutton Seekh Kababs 3. Kaliyente Rotizza - W/ Hot Jalapenos or Green Chilies. 4. Veggizza - W/ Paneer Jalfraize. For Semifianls will try Naanazzas and forget about the Kangaroo kababs. P2
  23. The party begins at 2:00 AM and it goes on. It's Sat night and Sunday morning, so what? Leg of Kangaroo and a party of six, should it be Sicandri or Mussalam and an open Bar ! Some spicy chewda or Boondi and Mirch (Chilly) Pakora (Tempura) on the side.
  24. Lets say India and Australia in the finals. How about Kangaroo Kababs and Foster's Beer. P2
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