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  1. I've been getting Winterpoints and Pemaquids out of Maine the last month or so and they have been delicious, especially the Pemaquids, very salty and lots of liquid.
  2. Steve, we generally order the larger porterhouse from Lobels although we got the strips a few weeks ago. I love them all, but have them so far apart that it's impossible for me to make the comparison between the two. In general, I like strip better than porterhouse so if it was just me ordering I would order the strip regardless, but I'm curious if there is any reason specific to Lobel's to order the strip over the porterhouse. Thanks for the great report on my favorite place for beef. (By the way I've had them trim a noisette of lamb a couple of times for a Charlie Trotter dish with polenta, ratatouille and sauteed spinach, which is a great dish and someone always ends up asking for the lamb plain, its just that good and distinctive - or maybe it's my cooking )
  3. I don't know anything about this, but a friend got a mailer from the Oyster Bar about an event on Saturday, July 26 - Oyster Frenzy. I guess there is stuff going on all day long, but from 5-7 pm there is an all-you-can-eat oysters, 18 different varieties available for $75.
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    Chefg, I couldn't agree with you more. One of my favorite things is to finish off the plate of a braised dish or stew with a piece of bread. I think I did just that with your rootbeer of shortribs.
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    Just curious, chefg, would you mind giving an example of when bread has complimented one of your dishes? Thanks.
  6. Jeff T


    There is no question - I really have to watch myself so I a reviewer doesn't totally color my perception of a restaurant. On the other hand, about ten years ago or so I was burnt by a Robert Parker review of a wine (1990 Topolos Zin). He said it was going to be great in a big way - I felt differently in a big way after putting my money behind his review. Throwing money down the drain taught me a good lesson. Keep reading the reviews, but try and know the reviewer. I still read Parker from time to time and definetely read restaurant reviews all the time. But at least now I think I have at least a rough idea what Parker likes in a wine and read his reviews with that in mind. I read the Grimes' review of WD-50 and thought it was helpful, but when all was said and done, I still had a thoroughly enjoyable meal and I came to that conclusion, I would hope, mainly from my experience at the restaurant, not the review.
  7. Jeff T


    I had the same thought for a minute too, but having had both extremes, 22 courses at Trio and three at WD-50, the same principle holds true in both situations. My expectations are high at both restaurants and if a dish doesn't work in either place I'm responding to the actual issue (ingredients don't work together, etc.) rather than the fact that I have 20 more shots at it with the larger tasting. As far as my meal at WD-50, I really liked it. Had the foie gras terrine with anchovies (I generally don't like white anchovies because of the vinegar as mentioned by someone earlier, but I didn't have the same problem with it), I liked the combination and thought the anchovies were a positive addition to the terrine. Also had the pork belly which was very tasty and smooth, but not nearly as rich as I thought it would be considering the amount of fat I was eating. The panna cotta, grapefruit sorbet dessert was a 10 (loved what I thought was a dried, carmelized grapefruit slice as a component). My son had the calamari linguine which we both liked and the sea bass with almonds and smoked scallions. While the combinations may not have been as exotic as Trio (where I had an excellent meal), I still found the meal very satisfying and interesting - excellent food, good wine and great service to top it off.
  8. If you are looking for a high end dinner and don't mind the drive to Jerusalem, Mishkenot Shaananim (near the King David Hotel) is one of the best restaurants in the country, I think. I'm very happy to eat falafel or schwarma from a street vendor at least once a day.
  9. Jeff T


    chefg, having dined with you this spring (we had the tdf at the kitchen table-it was before I first posted on egullet, but if I had it would have been a tremendous report), I think your idea is a very good one. I was really ready for our dinner when we arrived and I remember thinking when the bread was put on the table how it didn't really fit in with my expectations for the evening. There is no question in my mind as the dinner progressed that this was the case. I like your idea of something in its place, not just for the sake of a substitute, but to add another layer to the evening, because that is what I enjoy and find so stimulating about the movement in general and Trio in particular. I ate at wd-50 last week and instead of bread they served something lighter, a crisp that served the purpose you alluded to of feeding the habit, combating boredom and satiating the appetite when you sit down, but I think what you are talking about doing adds a new dimension to the meal and is innovative. I do like good bread at a simpler meal (steak, grilled fish) but I've often wondered about the wisdom of bread for every occasion. I think your creative alternative will be a great addition to the Trio experience. (By the way, I agree with Fat Guy-its probably a good idea to still offer bread to someone who asks for it. Why try and fight the habit, and I think as the new concept becomes more familiar, fewer and fewer will ask for it.)
  10. Ditto from me also to Fat-Guy and Ellen for the great report. I ordered the sampler which contained the Jean Louis, Spring Frolic, Drumm and Top Hat and a couple others I can't remember names now. Also ordered a Fallen Pyramid and some cheddar. These are all amazing cheeses and are as good (or better in some cases) as anything I've had in my limited experience in France or Spain. Thank you to the Stein's for taking the artisinal cheesmaking process in this country to a new level from the ground up.
  11. The first locally-grown peaches of the season are in (a high point of my year) - I'm on my third one this evening.
  12. Here's an update on the first Jamon Iberico that will be imported to the US and it sounds like it will be a totally Spanish product. I'd love to have one, but it doesn't look like they will be available until 2005 and at $59/lb. for a 15 lb. leg it's quite pricey. I believe I read they will be making chorizo from the same pigs. Here's an article on the chorizo that's currently being imported. I've had it and its very good. The serano ham that is available is good also but it just doesn't have the depth and richness of the Iberico. If you get a good airfare, it will be cheaper to make the trip to Spain to eat it though.
  13. If you can't find it in the city, you can order it from tienda.com. They have imported chorizo and american-made spanish chorizo. I believe mexican chorizo is a raw product while the spanish is cured meat. I like them both, I have a great Norman Van Aken recipe for mexican chorizo that I make 15 pounds at a time and freeze what I don't eat and give away right away.
  14. In our house, over the past 20 years, a caesar salad based on the recipe in the New York Times Cookbook is the one that no one in the family ever seems to get tired of. Nothing fancy but best caesar we've ever had. Hadn't had cucumber and onions salad in a long time and my wife took some vidalia onions and made it the other day and it was great.
  15. Jeff T

    New York visit

    I appreciate all the suggestions from everybody. Elyse is really right, my wife wants to go to Little Italy for the experience and I think she may be on overload after the last few nights and just wants some pasta and red sauce, which I am sure will be at least as good and probably better than we are able to get at home. I took Tommy's suggestion and we will probably end up at Pellegrinos. There's no question, I'd like to try the other suggestions on another visit and fortunately I'm sure we'll be back soon. Hopefully I will be here when an egullet dinner is planned. I'd love to put faces with all the posters I've been reading the last couple of years. Thanks again everybody.
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