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  1. Hi! My name is Mauricio Torselli, I am from Brazil and I recently graduated from culinary school. I'm starting a new venue as a private chef. I am much interested in modernist cuisine, even being so hard to find the products here in Brazil (and being so expensive also). Bought a starter kit in a travel to Chicago (and a wonderful dinner in Alinea) and started to play around. I love regional cuisine, specially asian food (thai, indian and vietnamese). I would love to try to come up with modernist approach into traditional asian cuisine. As a curiosity, I am also a professional magician (this is what pay my bills right now) For some time I intended to register at eGullet - finally I'm here. Think that's it for now. Sorry for any mistakes, since english is not my native language. Cheers! Mauricio.
  2. Hi there, I'm giving my first steps in modernist cooking. I recently bought a starter kit with some of the main products, and started trying out with (frozen) reverse spherification. After doing a couple spheres, I still have (or i think I do) a good sodium alginate bath. My question is: can I store it in the fridge to use later? If so, for how long? Is there any way of knowing if the bath is still 'active' (other than dropping something in it and see if it works)? I search an answer for this all over the web (and in the forums), but didn't find any. Thanks! Mauricio.
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