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  1. Not a butcher but Grazin Angus Acres stanbd at the Union Square greenmarket has the best quality grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork. The also have all kinds of cuts, bones as well as offal. I buy my meat there every weekend.
  2. Sea Breeze in Hell's Kitchen has a pretty decent selection and pretty good price. I also buy fish from the 2 stands at Union Square greenmarket but its sold out fast. For freshness, I definitely recommend Lobster Place and then Whole Foods. I have gotten sick from Wild Edibles so never again.
  3. Thank you! I am in New York City. I live very close to the Union Square Farmers' Market (by choice ), which is the biggest one in NYC. New York is an amazing place but I also love to travel to other cities/countries and look for the freshest foods available locally.
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Linh Kieu. I am a passionate cook, eater and founder of afoodaday.com. I have been cooking for 15 years - both Vietnamese food and foods from other parts of the world. I believe that the formula for good cooking is: loving the act of cooking, understanding and appreciating the ingredients, and constant practicing the cooking techniques. I write about the beautiful world of foods around us on afoodaday.com. Most of the foods highlighted may not be as popular as onions and potatoes. However, they deserve plenty of attention, because they are delicious, nutritious and not difficult to find. When I don't cook, write, or read cookbooks, I like to wander around farmers' markets looking for inspirations. Hopeing to be a great contributor to the forum and also to learn a great deal from you guys! Linh
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