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  1. So basically treat it like a root vegetable? Lol. I am really looking forward to harvesting them.
  2. The package said "the oyster plant" so I had to sow some. What is the best way to prepare it and what does it pair well with?
  3. Welcome! Sounds like you live in the ideal location. I can only imagine what that farmer's market has available!
  4. I just would like to have something else to fall back on in case something disasterous happened- I have my daughter and myself to support. However, there is a large part of me that wants to do it for the heck of it. I love to cook whatever sounds good. I have no one favorite genre. I especially like coming across German recipes that arent so heavy. On my days off I cook, otherwise its leftovers or something that takes no effort. I had the pleasure of living in Pensacola for three years- my first time away from home. It was so nice to have a variety of fresh produce and fish. Unfortunately we learned that my daughter suffers from lethal arrythmias, so my parents insisted we move home to the family farm in Jasper. Thank you all for the welcomes! I have learned quite a bit just in the last day or two
  5. Hi all, my name is Lisa. I am an RN, and I love to cook. I love my job as a nurse, but it also keeps me out of the kitchen. I would like to have a culinary degree as well to have something to fall back on, but it is probably more ambition and worrying about the future more than anything.
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