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  1. My girlfriend and I each purchased a bottle of Luxardo Maraschino. Where we live this stuff comes in once a year and not very many bottles are shipped, so it's often gone with days of the shipment being put on shelves. Last time we saw it we didn't buy, and didn't see another bottle for about a year (until just a few days ago in fact). The first bottle we bought we had to purchase on the other side of the country and bring it back with us. So this time when we saw it, we bought two! Enough to see us out probably
  2. When I first tried a Boulevardier I did not like how bitter it was, and I did not like the flavours of the Campari. I ended up making a drink the other night where-in I swapped out the Campari and used Aperol in it's place. 1.5 oz Bulleit bourbon 1 oz Aperol 1 oz Cinzano sweet vermouth Built over ice in an old fashioned glass Finished with some nice orange zest; expressed and dropped in It was a very nice drink, though certainly different from a traditional Boulevardier. With the spice and bitter of the vermouth and Aperol combined with the orange flavours of the Aperol and the zest it tastes a lot like an Old Fashioned meets a Manhattan. This is definitely my go-to drink now for when I want a cocktail of this style. I don't know if it has a proper name, though I don't think it could really correctly be called a Boulevardier. I have also tried it with Carpano Antica Formula (this was awesome) and Del Professore sweet vermouth (very very sweet, but also really good), but always with Bulleit.
  3. Hello all, I'm pretty excited by just how much bitters have exploded recently. I've only been into the whole scene for a little while and there is so much to try and experiment with! I am also making my own bitters now and since when I get into something I become obsessed with it, there is no going half way. I currently have 34 mason jars of botanicals macerating. I am trying both the mixed and individual routes, with 5 jars of pre-mixed roots and herbs, and 29 individual tinctures. For mixes I am making two recipes from a book I bought, a Raisin Btters and a Cola Bitters. I am also doing two variations on a personal recipe; Lime and Black Pepper Bitters lime peel black peppercorns cardamom fennel seeds star anise licorice root cinnamon cloves One in rye and one in vodka. Then I have a faux Root Beer Bitters sarsparilla root burdock root cinnamon vanilla bean star anise licorice root Spearmint (couldn't find wintergreen) molasses for individual ones I just grabbed everything I could from my local herb and spice store. I've read most of this thread, and I have some questions. I'm doing both an orange peel and a lemon peel tincture in addition to the two lime focused mixes, so it sounds like this jelly thing is something I'm going to have to deal with. When should I expect that to start forming and is there anything that can be done to minimize it? Is macerating the botanicals for longer better or can I macerate them for too long? and how long is too long? Thanks for all the information you have shared already, this has been a good read. I'll let you all know how they are once they're done. Cheers!
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