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  1. marine microbes: picocyanobacteria for my PhD and now microbes from oxygen minimum zones and deep sediments.
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome! @Katie, yes I really like the DeKalb Farmer's Market and the Buford one as well! We come from SoCal and while I do miss local fresh veggies/fruits they have a very good selection in Atlanta of everything! Korean/Chinese/European... @Nakji, I need to get started on compiling some dishes, I always take lots of pictures and write some ideas/recipes down. Will share them for sure!
  3. Hello! I'm Cecilia and I guess from a little bit of everywhere in the world which highly influences my cooking style and taste. I am half French half Spanish by my parents, jewish and eastern european decent (loooong ago). I have lived (in order) in France,Venezuela, Israel, Australia, Canada and now in the United States (Orange county for 6 years and have been in Atlanta, GA for 3 months now). I consider myself a cook of the world. It is impossible for me to say which cuisine is my favorite, I have been extremely lucky to have the opportunity to be in direct contact with so many of them. There is also no style of cooking at home, it's not all french all the time, it is pretty much everyday different. While this is great, now you can only imagine the size of my pantry with staples from all around the world! beautiful nightmare I am also a molecular microbial ecologist who brings the lab back in my kitchen. Can't wait to participate and learn a lot from this forum!
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